Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier

Father and son presidents of Haiti

Essential Question: How did the differences between François and Jean-Claude Duvalier affect Haiti?

François (Papa Doc) Duvalier

  • Was born April 14, 1907 in Port-Au-Prince Haiti.
  • He studied medicine at University of Haiti School of Medicine.
  • Was a physician until 1943
  • Contributed to Action Nationale (1934)
  • Influenced by Lorimer Denis
  • Was a member of Les Groupe des Griots, a group of writers who embraced nationalism, voodoo, and the Haitian culture.
  • Became director general of the National Public Health Service (1946)
  • Directed anti-yaws campaign (1947-48)
  • Went back to the American Sanitary Mission after Paul E. Magloire was elected president (1951-54)
  • Organized resistance to Magloire
  • Became president in September 1957
  • His chief aide, Clément Barbot organized Tontons Macoutes which terrorized and assassinated enemies of the regime.
  • Had a heart attack (1959)
  • After recovering imprisoned Barbot and later had him murdered for trying to overthrow Duvalier
  • Fraudulent elections so he could get his term extended
  • "Latin America has witnessed many fraudulent elections, but none will be more outrageous than the one that has just taken place in Haiti." -New York Times
  • April 1964 announced he would be president for life
  • Died April 21, 1971
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Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier

  • Born July 3, 1951 in Port-Au-Prince
  • Became president at the age of nineteen making him the youngest president in the world
  • Instituted budgetary and judicial reforms, replaced older cabinet members with younger men, released political prisoners, and eased press censorship.
  • Political opposition was not tolerated
  • Was exiled for 25 years
  • In 2002 asked to return to Haiti to help the economy
  • Told the Wall Street Journal he never stole money nor ordered the murderers of opponents
  • Took responsibility for the government's abuse on the Haitians
  • Returned to Haiti in 2011 to help recovery from the earthquake
  • Is being tried for the embezzlement of public funds during his presidency
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Former Haitian leader 'Baby Doc' questioned

Analysis of the video

Although Jean-Claude was seen as a tyrant during his presidency people are still protesting his trial and standing up for him. This shows how even though he did was not successful in all of his attempts to mend Haiti the people are still supporting him for even trying.