Peter The Great

By Bobby Guerra


  • Strict ruler
  • No mercy for anyone who resisted his rule
  • Valued education and set up programs for academics including mathematics, science, and engineering


  • Created largest standing army in Europe
  • Expanded Russia's borders
  • Defeated Sweden in The Great North War
  • Built and constructed the city of St. Petersburg
  • Signed a treaty with China to protect Russia's east border
  • Gained land along the Baltic Sea
  • Ended Russia's long period of isolation from the rest of the world
  • Brought technical experts, teachers, and soldier to Russia from Europe


  • Forced boyars to wear Westernized clothes and old-fashioned robes.
  • Forced boyars to shave their beards
  • Forced landowning boyars to serve the state in civilian or in the military
  • He held parties for the wealthy at which women and men were expected to dance together
  • Passed laws ensuring that nobles retained control over their lands

Interesting Facts

  • Took throne at age 10 in 1682, but did not rule until 1689
  • Not well educated but extremely curious
  • When he died, many of his reforms died with him
  • Died without an heir or naming a person to replace him