Middle Colonies

Jonathan Kennedy

Middle Colonies

In the Middle Colonies, there are four colonies. Those four being Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


Founded- Delaware was founded by Peter Minuit in 1638 for trade and profits.

Economy- Cash "crop" would be fur. But other than the fur iron ore products such as plows, tools, kettles, locks, nails, and large blocks of iron.

Government- Delaware would be claimed as a Proprietary Colony. Man may disagree, but in the books it's just that.

Population- 45,385 people call Delaware home.

Indian Relation- Two main tribes are from Delaware. These two tribes are called the Lenape and the Powhatan.

Religion- Delaware had no set religion. Which made it where any religion was able to be practised there.

New York:

Founded- 1626 by Peter Minuit and others

Economy- agricultural products and Iron ore products

Government- New York was a royal colony.

Population- 210,541 people call New York home.

Indian Relation-Erie, Iroquois, Mohawk, Oneida, and the Seneca are the local tribes

Religion- New York has no specific religion. It has given freedom of religion.

New Jersey:

Founded- 1664 William Berkeley and George Carteret

Economy- Often referred to as the "Breadbasket" colony, New Jersey grew mainly grew wheat, but also grew several other crops.

Government- By 1775, New Jersey was proclaimed a Royal Colony

Population- 139,627 people called New Jersey home

Indian Relation- Abenaki, Malecite, Passamaquoddy and Pennacook called New Jersey their homeland.

Religion- Like most ofthe other middle colonies, New Jersey doesn't have just one set religion


Founded- 1682 by William Penn

Economy- Traded with agricultural items and also natural resources.

Government- By 1775 the colony of Pennsylvania was claimed as a proprietary colony

Population- 327,305 people call people home.

Indian Relations- The Erie tribe, the Iroquois tribes, the Lenape tribe, the Munsee tribe, the Shawnee tribe, and the Susquehannock tribe call the colony of Pennsylvania their homelands.

Religion- Again, Another colony doesn't have a religious settlement.