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Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


Hello All!

I hope that everyone has been safe and sound during this week. School will resume it's regular schedule on Monday, October 12th. Conferences have been rescheduled until further notice.

SC Supreme Court Trip

We will take our SC Supreme Court Trip on October 29, 2015, tentatively. This trip is completely free thanks to a transportation grant from the RCCC and magnet funds to cover the cost of the visit!!!! All that is required of you is a bag lunch for your child.

Our class will be able to have 2 chaperones. If you are interested please send me an email. I will place the names in a "hat" for a random drawing. If your name is drawn I will send you an email. If you are not selected for this trip, no worries, we will have several more during the school year. :-)

Landforms & Oceans Research

Math & Science


We are halfway through our math unit of adding and subtracting decimals. We have been developing understanding by first using concrete manipulatives like base-10 blocks or money. Money has been a huge help in understanding how to read decimals! From there we used visual representations in the form of models, base-10 charts or 10x10 grids. Finally, we applied our knowledge to do the math. Next week, we will use these same strategies to understand subtracting decimals. Please continue to encourage your child to use the place value chart in his or her Math Notebook if he or she is having difficulty with adding or subtracting decimals.


We continue our research of landforms and oceans. We will be inquiring into landforms of the ocean floor. From there we will compare and contrast the sea floor and land. Our research involves using what we know as readers to make sense of informational texts, including summarizing, determining importance, and identifying main idea and supporting details. At the end of our independent or pair researching, we share our findings to develop whole group understanding.

Math Workshop: Problem Solving & Collaborative Learning

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Books We are Loving

Ask your child about the book(s) he or she is reading. Is it a fun read, just-right, or someday book? Be certain to have a look at your child's Reading Goals for October. We discussed the importance of setting realistic goals that can be met and continue to push us to be challenged and grow. Also, on the back of the reading goal sheet are 10 affixes (prefixes & suffixes). Your child is search for words with these affixes while reading. We completed "super-" together. While watching and listening to CNN Student News, the reporter was sharing about a new rocket/jet car that travels at supersonic speeds. Through these affixes we are building meaning about the ways parts of words work together.

Preparing for our 2nd Grade Pals

Math & Literacy Pals

Throughout this year we will be working side by side with two 2nd grade classes, Ms. Paparella (literacy pals every Friday) and Ms. Blackwell (math pals every other Friday). Our primary goal is to service our immediate community, our school community, through mentorship. Your child will be developing lessons to support his or her 2nd grade pals as readers, writers, and mathematicians. We will be giving back while using language and math for tools to learn and support our young friends.

Your child knows how near and dear this service learning is to my heart, and I was so proud to see how quickly they took ownership over their roles, as well. Each week we will meet with our pals, reflect, and develop new lessons based on their pals' needs. The kids said, "Mrs. Drayton, we are being just like you!" Your children really are teachers alongside me, and I am so excited to learn from them during our Math & Literacy Pals meetings.

Math Pals: 1st Meeting

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Literacy Pals: 1st Meeting

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J'den's Caterpillars: Inspired by The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

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Book Review inquiry

We completed our first book review of the year this past week. Prior to any writing, we immersed ourselves into book reviews to determine "what makes a quality book review." Your child noticed and named characteristics of book reviews. From their observations we decided what we all must have in book reviews in order to have quality writing. Your child will have all of their writing saved on his or her Google Drive that you can access on any device with internet.

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Literacy & Social Studies

Our growth as readers will be closely interwoven with our Westward Expansion Unit of Study. We spent this past week analyzing song lyrics that provided insight into the many perspectives of groups of people traveling west. Ask your child to share!! We will continue our study by analyzing primary sources. First, we will have to determine what primary documents are (primary documents are artifacts from a point in history like photographs, letters, speeches, etc). This might be a fun conversation for you to have at home! Our study will continue through the reading of texts, such as, Dandelions, Coolies, Cheyenne Again, and many others. Please be certain that your child is studying the notes in his or her U.S. History Notebook nightly.

Environmental Science Fair Groups

Student Author and Showcase

All About Riley

By: Skilar B.

Hi my name is Skilar and the person that I am writing about is Riley .M. And what I learned is that he is a pretty cool guy and will tell you why.

Riley has a mom,dad and a brother named Casey.Riley was born March 18 2005.Riley likes to read because he said it is easy.

Did you know that Riley likes Arby's I did because I did the interview so that is what I learned about Riley

Mrs. Drayton and husband are expecting their first...

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March 2nd, 2016