McGuire Elementary School

School Counseling Services

Welcome to the Counseling Center at McGuire Elementary School.

The purpose of this flyer is to explain to students and parents who I am and what I do. I also want to answer some of the questions about McGuire School Counseling.

We believe that kids come first and because of this, our students are our priority. Parents are welcome to meet with us on a walk-in basis, but an appointment is highly recommended.

What is said here stays here.

I will not share the things we talk about unless:

  1. I believe a student is at risk of hurting him/herself or someone else.
  2. I believe someone is trying to hurt a student.
  3. A judge orders me to share information in court.
  4. A law is being broken.
  5. The student gives me permission to share the information.

Mrs. Angie Eudy

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Family Studies and also a Master's degree in Teaching from Texas Woman's University. I graduated from Lamar University in 2015 with a Master's degree in School Counseling.

My counseling philosophy is based primarily on Solution-Focused Therapy.

Informed Consent Form

Please sign and return this portion of the form.

Student Name:______________________________________________

By signing, I am acknowledging that I have read the information in this consent form. I acknowledge that I understand the information contained in this form including the confidentiality and examples of when information may be released. I understand that my parents must give permission for me to receive individual counseling. I acknowledge that I will discuss any questions I have with the school counselor or with my parents.

Signature: _________________________________________

Parent Signature: _________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________