B-109 Newsletter

September 16, 2016

Happy Friday!

Just an FYI, we will be having our Bus Safety Drill this upcoming Tuesday. The drill will look differently than it has in years past. In addition to discussing bus safety, we will be reviewing bus expectations. The drill will go right up to our dismissal time and students will be dismissed from the buses at 2:30. If your student typically leaves from the B-Wing door, they may be at those doors a little later than usual. I just wanted you all to be aware.

Literacy and Writing

We just wrapped up discussing the 6 sign posts that students should notice and note while they are reading fiction texts. The kids have been practicing finding sign posts during the texts that they are reading. I have reminded them to make sure they are bringing a good fit fiction text to class each day to practice and applying our strategies.

In writing, we have been focusing on the first step of the writing process, prewriting. We discussed all the various ways that you can prewrite. We have been working hard to put our strategies to the test.

enVisions 2.0

We are wrapping up our first topic in math. Our very first test will be this Monday. I am proud of the hard work the students have put forth as we transition into this new curriculum. Our next unit will be focusing on understanding numerical and algebraic expressions.

Online Instructions:

The information to access the online component of the enVisions curriculum is below. In class this week, we went over how to log on and discussed the features of the online aspect of the program. If you have a home computer or tablet device with internet access, we encourage you to support your child using their Pearson curriculum program while at home. Accessing the program from home is simple.

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Go to https://www.pearsonrealize.com/#/ to view the program.

2. Help your child sign in using the username and password. Your child's username and password will be the same as their google drive account with @CCSD-IL tagged on to the end. For example, if their google drive account is oconnorg@stu.ccsd15.net their Pearson Realize log in username will be oconnorg@CCSD-IL. They have received their account name and password. They put a label in the front cover of their assignment notebook with this information.'

Troubleshooting Checklist

You should review this information if you notice frequent server errors, connection and access errors, or other issues related to content access and submission.

 Updates to software and other plug ins that may effect your computer’s performance. Review the System Requirements to see if there have been updates to the system.

 Is your browser set to look for new Web pages automatically? Check this setting manually in your Internet Browser under Options.

 It is sometimes helpful to clear the cache in your web browser in case there have been software updates to the system. To do this, locate your Browsing History settings in your Internet Browser.

Need Help?

If you still have problems accessing the program, please contact Pearson’s Technical Support service. You can contact them online at: Support.PearsonSchool.com


The past two weeks we have been working on the scientific method. We have talked about the steps that are taken when conducting a science experiment. On Monday, we posed the question, "Will flowers stay fresh longer in sugar water or regular water." They then hypothesized which type of water will keep flowers the freshest. We have been conducting this experiment all week. Today they wrapped up the experiment and found out if their hypothesis was correct.

Below are some pictures from our science experiment last week. We explored why objects sink or float. We used the types of scientific reasoning, inductive and deductive, to analyze our results.

Important Dates

10/7 PTA Glow Run

10/10 No School-Columbus Day

10/13 PTA Meeting

10/31 Class Halloween Party and Parade

11/8 No School-Teacher Plan Day

11/10 PTA Meeting