Price of Pickup Trucks to Skyrocket

The cost of a new pickup truck is expected to increase soon.

Expectations effecting demand for pickup trucks.

Next month the price of a standard pickup truck is expected to rise dramatically. As a result, the demand for trucks, including the Dodge Ram, has increased dramatically. This is an excellent example of how consumers expectations can impact an items demand.

Tax Rate Lowered, More Money in the Pockets of the Working Class

A new law passed last Wednesday cut the tax rates of middle class workers by 30%. As a result, the demand for several types of goods, including pickup trucks, has increased. A prime example of this is the Dodge Ram. Since the passing of the law, Dodge has seen an increase in the demand for their trucks of around 10%.

Sudden tax increase is taking its toll on middle class consumers.

After the dramatic tax cut we saw last year, people are devastated to learn that a new law has recently been passed that will completely undo the tax cut. This means there will be less money to be spent by the middle class. As a result, Dodge dealerships are already showing a large decrease in demand for their trucks.