The Louisiana Purchase

By Jon Ciepluch

The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase is when America bought Frances land so they could expand their country. Thomas Jefferson (the president at the time) spend around 15 million on all the land. America could expand their government and increase their population with the new land.

How did America work with the french?

France sold America the land for 11 million dollars but America decided to pay off frances debt for them so America ended up paying about 15 million dollars for the land. France used the money to finance the war against Britian. America and France shared the New Orleans port which was a major trade route. But once France was going to go to war with Britian France sold the port the USA so they didnt have to protect it during the war.America had now expanded over twice its orginal size and now also had control of a major trade route that they can buy and sell goods from, all because of the french.

How did America control all of the land?

Since America doubled in size they needed more control over the land so people would be safer.Thomas Jefferson sent out Lewis and Clark to explore the land he had just purchased so they could make sure it was safe.Once America and France drew out the borders of their land, America made borders to help keep enemies out of their territory.