Pop Culture

See the style from back awhile!

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Don't look like a mess, wear a dress!

Changed the way female form was treated.

France and England were rivals. Garments began to drape and flow. Corsets were discarded altogether. The body was free to remain in its natural shape.

Old farts made the best art!

Noted for its elegance and achievements in the fine arts and architecture.

Most common subject for any form of visual art during this time period was people. Usually wealthy or royalty were featured. Other common subjects were landscapes, war scenes, everyday life objects. Women were often nude!

People constantly gossiped, attended social gatherings, raved about fashion, and most importantly, attended balls!

Don't ditch the ball or you won't get hitched at all!

Recognized way to meet young eligible partners and escape for a moment from the watchful eye of their chaperones. In order to make a good 'match' you must have the best whip and dab in town.

Balls or dances were considered extravagant events for couples or those looking for a spouse

Effects of the Regency Period on Pop Culture

The Regency Period was focused on balls, women's fashion, being elegant, and art of the women's body. It degraded women and focused more on looks rather than intelligence.