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Read & Write for Google Chrome

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Features of Read&Write Include

Features include:

Read Aloud with dual-color highlighting


Talking and Picture Dictionaries

Fact Finder

Study Skills highlighters and Collect highlights

Vocabulary List Builder to create a list of highlighted words with text definitions and images.

Annotation tools (PDF and ePub)

Navigation Tools

Directions on How to use Read&Write

  • When you open a Google Doc, you may have a Pop Up that is asking to authorize the Read & Write for Google Extension. Click Accept!

  • Up int the top right corner, you will see a paper airplane looking icon. This is the Read & Write for Google Extension. If you want to use Read & Write, click on the extension.

  • The extension will turn green when you are using it.

  • You will see the Read & Write for Google Toolbar Available

Read & Write for Google - Everything You Need to Know

Video of Students Using Read &Write

Read&Write - Helping millions of students to read and write.