Ancient Greece

David Barnhill geographer

Ancient Greece is located in the southern part of Europe. Ancient Greece is made up of island. Greece is located in the mediterranan sea it is to the east of aegean sea. There is a mountain called Mount Olympus. The current capital of Greece is Athens. Greece is near the sea so they can get alot of fishing. Greece is near other countries so they can trade for things they need. Greece could grow more because they are close to two sea so they have more crops. Greece has a warm dry climate.The Greeks were farmers and fishers they also traded for things around them. Greece is located in the same spot today. They were geograhically lucky because they were near two sea so they could fish.


The Ancient Greeek

The Ancient Greek started in 1200 BC and survived until 323 BC. They were the first people to have a full alphabet. Also they created the Parthenon. They invented the biggest event in the world, the Olympics. They are still very famous for the beautiful buildings they created. They wrote many poems, like the Illiad. They were very advanced for the time they were in

Thonsu Kyaw Historian

Civilzation started in 1500 BC and survived the 1100 AD. The greeks fought the persians from 490 to 449 BC perseus killed the gorgon medusa. The famous greek hero was heracles that is what the romans called him.The trojan war still wasn't over.But the greeks army came in the trojan horse and killed the guards.Helen is the daughter of Zues the king and the queen of sparta young men wanted to married her. So her stepfather wanted to marry her.So her stepfather let her get married to one of the suitors

Austin Cicale Archaeologist

Ancient Greek had a lot of objects and inventions that were important to them. One of them was a knife called a vine dresser that had a whole bunch of different tools. It was like there own Swiss army knife. One of the Ancient Greek’s legacies was their plays. The plays they had were mostly comedy and they had lessons in them. They were like the movies we have today. The Greek civilization impacted our life today by the Olympics. The Ancient Greek started the Olympics in 776 BC. Now it is the biggest event in the world. Ancient Greek had a lot of legends, stories, and myths. One of them is the story about Medusa. Medusa was a monster with hair as snakes. Anytime someone looked in her eyes they would turn to stone.

Melissa Peters Anthropologist

 Ancient GreeceMelissa Peters, AnthropologistAncient Greeks worshipped many gods and goddesses. The most important were twelve Olympians. They lived on a mountain named Olympus. Their names were Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, and Demeter. Zeus was the king of the gods. The Greeks burnt offerings and made sacrifices. They invented many things that advanced them, such as the Archimedean screw. The Archimedean screw made it possible to move water over a hill and transfer it to their crops. They also created books like we have today instead of scrolls. They spoke their plays, poems, and stories, later writing them down. Many of the words of the English language mean something in Greek. For example: Mesopotamia means in Greek “Between two rivers.” Greece was into city-states, which were ruled by kings. Noblemen were not as important as kings, but they were right below. After that the middle class came. Slaves were the lowest of the low, below even beggars. Greeks had many rituals for the passing of someone, like placing a coin in the mouth of the deceased. They did that because they thought there was a ferry to the Underworld that took the coin. Without it the dead would be stuck at the gate.