About Me

By: Sylvana Mijares

My Role Model

My role model is, MASTER JEON, my taekwondo master. He is a 6th degree black belt in taekwondo under kukkiwon world taekwondo federation and 5th degree black belt in hapkido under world hapkido association. He was a former special force police in Korea and served as a head coach in sparring and demonstration team in Korea and Ukraine. He is a passionate and energetic master. He always menages to keep a good smile on his face, he helped me when i was going through a really rough time in my life and always menages to make me smile/laugh. he has high standards of his students and helps them reach their goal. (even when he kicks us a bit too hard most of the times, but he loves us)

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My Favorite Role.

*insert thingy thing here*


if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. And people wonder why I'm so quiet.

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What Make Me Unique

it was two months before my 11th birthday, my parents called me and my brother to their room and gave us a choice to either stay in Mexico with my grandparents or move to the Unites States with them. Me and my brother both agreed to move to the United States. We had one moth to learn English and one month to pack a 22 story house, which was a lot of work. After a month, it was time to move from Mexico City to Fort Worth. We spent 23 hours in the car on the move to Texas, 23 hours of my mom constantly complaining about how she needed to pee and 23 hours of my mom and aunt dancing. The only thing i could say in English was "can you please open the window", sadly, when i came to the United states, i dint have to ask anyone to open the window.

My Favorite Place

My favorite place would be my bed, because sleep is for the weak, that's why i can sleep for a week. *insert thing here*