December Newsletter

Ms. Beyer's Grade 1 Class

Here is what is happening on our Grade 1 classroom

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Advent Season. As we approach the holidays, may we share the peace and joy of Christmas with one another. December is proving to be an exciting month for the Grade Ones. The children are as busy as Santa’s elves. Check the list below for our month of fun-filled activities.


We are finishing our unit on time, temperature, and money. Please continue to practice sorting coins, naming coins, stating their value, and using different coin combinations. You can help your child by talking about the cost of items, counting the money in your pocket or wallet, helping your child to pay for Christmas purchases including counting the change, etc. Also, please continue practicing reading a clock to the hour and half hour with your child. We are moving on to solving addition and subtraction problems. Please practice basic math facts at home.


Our weekly homework will not be going home on the week of December 14th. We will be having a comprehensive review of all the words that we have been studying to date. However, please continue to return MAILBAGS DAILY. Over the holiday season please review the Words of the Week and read with your child.

Santa’s Helpers

During the Christmas Season we will see a mountain of bows, ribbons, tinsel, calendars and cards. Instead of throwing them out, please consider donating them to the classroom. Please send in what you can; we will put them all to good use.

Labels, Please

As the cold winds of winter have begun to blow, you are reminded to ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather (they are outside for 2 x 25 minutes at recesses) and that all outdoor clothing items are labeled with your child’s name. When an item is misplaced, or there is a question of “Are you sure those boots belong to you?” teachers are most appreciative of a name inside so that the item may be matched with the rightful owner!! We kindly ask that you check the school lost and found for any misplaced items.

** Please add an extra pair of socks and mittens to your child’s backpack as the yard is very wet at this time of year.

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Advent: Religion Lessons

Our Grade 1 class is ready to begin the second unit of the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ program. Unit 2, The Road to Bethlehem, will introduce your child to the Advent and Christmas seasons. It will take approximately five weeks, beginning with the first week of Advent and ending after the Christmas break at the Feast of Epiphany. Your child will learn about the signs and symbols of Advent and hear the stories of the Annunciation, the Visitation, the nativity, and the visit of the Three Wise Men. This is a wondrous unit that will help your child understand the true meaning of the birth of Christ. As we work through the unit, your child will learn the following:

• During Advent, we await the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It is a time of hope and expectation. We will focus on the anticipation of and preparation for the birth of the Christ child. Through His birth, Jesus brought salvation to all humankind. Students will come to understand that Jesus is the saviour that God promised throughout the Old Testament.

• During Advent, we prepare for Christ to live among us. We learn how to prepare ourselves through prayer for His second coming, as announced by John the Baptist.

• Mary is the perfect example of holiness and a model for all God’s people. We can learn from Mary how to place our trust in God.

• To live like Jesus, we must be servants to others. Students will learn that Jesus came into the world not to be served, but to teach us how to serve one another.

• Jesus experienced life on Earth in the relationship of a family. Students will learn that the relationships formed within a family teach us how to live in relationship with God and other people.

• We are all called to spread the good news of salvation. Children will learn that like the Wise Men who came to the stable to worship Jesus as King, we must also spread the good news in our own actions.

In our classroom, we will be discussing some of the things we can do in preparation for the birth of Jesus, such as remembering to be kind to one another, praying for friends and family members, and taking care of those who have less.

Snap shots of our Learning Jouney

Months Of The Year Song
The Big Numbers Song
"What Time Is It?" - Telling the Time Song for Children, What's the Time? Kids English Nursery Songs

Christmas Hampers

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Advent season has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner. Each of the classes at St. Gabriel School will be involved in our Advent project to help those in need. Each class, from Kindergarten through grade six, will contribute to allow us to prepare a “hamper” for 17 families from our adopted school.

Each student is being asked to bring in a specific item for the food hamper. If you are able, a donation of $2.00 for the family would also be most appreciated. Monies collected will go towards the purchase of a grocery store gift card for each family, so the family can purchase a turkey and fresh fruit and vegetables. New this year, we are also asking for donations of Canadian Tire money which will be used to purchase gifts for the families. We encourage the students to complete a chore at home to earn their own money, so that they experience the gift of giving.

Your child is invited to bring in a can of cranberry sauce. We will be collecting the hamper items and money from Wednesday, December 3rd until Thursday, December 10th.

Please note we also welcome donations of hats and mittens to send to families in need in our school board.

Thank you for your generosity and support during the Advent Season.

God Bless,

St. Gabriel Catholic School Staff