Becoming "Digital" Parents

A Pohatcong Parent Workshop

What are 21st Century Skills?

Twenty-first century skills are crucial in education, but what are they and why are they so important? This Parent Workshop will explore the skills necessary for our students to be ready for the next step in the ever-changing world of education. This event is aimed at helping parents develop family expectations around the use of technology and social media to help support 21st century skills.

Connectivity has become part of our students' lives. Daily, students are using technology, internet resources, and social media to connect and interact with their peers, both in our area and globally. It is so important that we help them use it safely and effectively. This workshop will provide parents with tips to monitor social media use at home. In addition to helping to support parents with technology and social media, this workshop will show parents how our school is using social media to provide parents with the ability to remain connected with Pohatcong. Parents will have the opportunity to learn how to use social media and the school's website to support the education at home. This workshop is beneficial to all parents, kindergarten and beyond.

Bring the Kids!

Activities will be planned to allow parents to bring their children (3 years and older). Children will be under adult supervision throughout the parent workshop. Please let Mr. Kavcak know if you plan on bring your children by Friday, 2.28.14.

Becoming "Digital" Parents

Parent Workshop #2 will be held at 6:15pm in the school library, prior to the PTA meeting.
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