Does technology help or hurt students?

Does technology affect our brain?

Yes technology does affect the brain. It affects many parts of the brain, Such as our memory,our sleep,& what we focus on & sleep cycles. I can connect to the sleeping cycle part. But the screen light tricks our brains making it think that the screen light is daylight from outside. But nowadays we really can't help that we use technology as much as we do. Most jobs depend On technology. Our brain develops during our early childhood and technology has made it change or it will change in our adulthood.
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How & Does Technology Help Students Learn?

Most students who do or is struggling have improved from using technology.Technology has helped the or us as students with frustration that we have in a particular subject. studies show that us as students are more engaged with the use of technology. Students who have struggled in math are doing better. Studies say that the screen attracts the brain through its light, which engages the students into the work. Students use 6 to 8 hours of technology everyday. Technology can help students frustration.
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Is technology destroying our brain?

So is technology really destroying our brains? Well yes in some way it is. Toddlers from 1-2 already know how to work a phone or any gadget. That is not good at that age for a kid to know how to use technology better than parents. But Technology Takes over our brain for up to 7 hours a day. Certain games has created monsters out of people. Technology is not only taking over our brain, but it is also ruining our eyesight. 58% of parents even admitted using a digital babysitter.
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How can we cut down on technology?

Can we really cut down on the use of technology? well the answer is yes as you know iv'e been doing some research on this topic. Yes you may feel weird,sad,or even depressed lol. A researcher interviewed different parents and 53 percent felt upset and also admitted to using a digital babysitter. Parents should encourage them to go outside and do other activities that doesn't involve technology.An Article stated that the use of technology is about 30 hours a week. Some adults do agree that we do use too much technology but says its worth it. For teens it is used more frequently used as a time wasting strategy.


How can we cut down on technology?

Does technology help students learn?

Is technology destroying the brain?