Technology at LV for 6th Grade

by: Jackie Nys


Coding is a site where you have different games that you can play but you have to use certain techniques and you have to get to a certain level. Some levels can be very hard and confusing but if you keep trying you will get it! if you don't get it eventually you will have to ask a friend close by that has passed that level.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app on your iPad you have probably used it before. In technology class you are gonna have to chose one question out of like 10 and you have to watch a video that shows you all the tools on Explain everything.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a site that you can basically do slides. The project you will be doing is the job you want to work at when your older and what college and the tuition to get in that college. She will assign questions you have to answer. You will have to get all the information from Career Locker to put into your Haiku Deck.Then you will have to present it in front of class.

Career Locker

Mrs. VandenBoogaard came in the class and showed us this cool site that you can find your career in. It is a little confusing because there is so many different jobs. But not only it helps you find your career or job it helps you figure out the college and how many years you have to go to college for and the cost to get in that college.


The iTrailer was fun because you could basically do it on anything you desire. I did mine on my friends. I didn't like how we couldn't take any pictures to put in it at school though but that's my opinion. Otherwise it was a good project to do and i like that you didn't have to present it in class if you didn't want to.

Learn to Type

Learn to type is a way to improve your typing. You have to have the session sentences done in the course called "Intermediate" in the first quarter. When you type it shows the key you are supposed to touch on the keyboard. We had to finish the whole intermediate course by the end of the symester. I liked it a lot because you could do it at home too!