Perseverence 101: for Dummies

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The road to perseverance is the road less traveled. There are many adversities along the way and is quiet challenging to get through. But if you push ahead and focus on what's important, you can become successful in whatever you do.

Description - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a brave and courageous historical figure. He was born on November 30, 1874 in Marlborough, England. His childhood was one of a rough time for him; both of his parents were constantly off to work and couldn’t care for him like parents should do. As if filling that void, his nanny, Elizabeth Everest, took on the motherly role for his sake. When Elizabeth died in 1895, Winston was sent off to a boarding school by his parents demand a few years after. He wasn’t such a great student and was known for being a little bit of a troublemaker, but surprisingly got accepted into the infamous Harrow school where Churchill graduated near the top of his class and was given commissioned as a cavalry officer.

Throughout his life he has shown much bravery, hope, and perseverance. For example in Churchill, the Soldier and War Correspondent, instead of relaxing for his first leave at home, he traveled to many different countries to observe the wars and rebellions all around him. He also was caught during the time he was visiting the wars and got sent away to a prison camp where he stealthily got away. However, he is best known for the speech Never Give In, Never, Never, Never where he spoke aloud to the people suffering through the war and giving them the hope that they need to never give in to the enemy and to keep their heads high during World War 2.

Winston Churchill once said, “Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” From this quote, we know Winston was a man of bravery from the way he spoke his words and warmed the hearts of the many who’s gone cold. Even if the enemy may look like they’ve won, you must always keep your head high despite the adversity all around you.

In conclusion, Winston was a very heart-warming activist who never believed to yield to the enemy, and instead stay onto the hope of a better future. He will forever be one of the most eloquent speakers this world has ever seen.

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Problem/Solution - Losing to Win

In this video ‘Losing to Win’, it introduces many struggling children going through tough adversities that go to a school to help them of their mental or physical troubles. In this school, it is required for the student to take part in Basketball whether they had any practice or not.

Following my previous point, the children in Caroll Academy had struggles on the outside world or mentally that made them different from regular students. Many of them struggled with family troubles, or simply running away because said conflicts. This is a big problem for them because like any other kid, they deserve a life and education like any other person, and this academy makes sure these kids get the life they deserve.

Following along, I learned the method of this school-like place is a specific physical activity called Basketball. Even if the children have barely to no physical endurance, it is a requirement. They are forced to play against their will to teach them a valuable lesson; Even if you fail, you’re building up each failure and coming together to help each other and learn from themselves, and that is the real triumph.

Of course in the beginning, the kids that come in seem very reluctant to play, and find no overall meaning to it, but as each ball bounces off the hoop, another note is being made, and the more focus equals less dark memories being placed in your memories, for they’re all reaching for a better future!

Cause/Effect - Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had to face many adversities throughout his baseball career, racial profiling and getting insulted in even the littlest things every day affected him a lot. And if the problem appears where he were to ever slip up, or ‘fall off the tightrope’, he would get the result of getting kicked off the team and and giving a bad reputation for future African American baseball players every where.

As a result, Robinson he couldn't idle through the pain and cut through the hate he got daily and put on a brave face in order to show how strong he is. The more he ignored the racial names he got proved to everyone in the sports’ how African Americans players are just the same and should not be discriminated, consequently how Branch Rickey wanted it in the first place.
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Compare/Contrast - Carry On

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Sequence - Eleanor Roosevelt

1. On October 11, 1884, Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City.

2. 1892 Eleanor's mother, Anna Hall Roosevelt, yielded to diphtheria.

3. March 6, 1933 Eleanor becomes the first wife of a president to hold all-female press conferences.

4. 1934 Eleanor assists with the formation of the National Youth Administration.

5. April 12, 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt faltered while convalescing in Warm Springs, Georgia.

6. 1946 Eleanor is elected as head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
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By looking at other peoples' stories' of perseverance, people can learn from other adversities. We can look at what they faced in order to focus on what's important and not to keep gawking at problems you cannot fix. If you keep maintaining the track that you're on, you may be able to pursue your wildest dreams!