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Friday, April 5th

Principal's Notes and Highlights

Happy Friday!

I'm passing the baton to Brad Stevens for this week's message. In addition to being a father, he is the head basketball coach of the Boston Celtics. I saw a post about this on Facebook, and it caught my attention. I love the advice he has for his daughter. Calvin is my guy, but I am quickly learning how precious the father-daughter bond is with Audrey. I hope one day I can share a similar message with her.


Dear Kinsley:

When I was asked to write you a letter for the Leaders and Daughters Event series, I thought of the many different things that I would love say to express what you mean to me, and how excited I am to have a front row seat in your journey through life. After tearing through my first few drafts (which were long rambles), I realized that writing a “life advice” letter to a 9-year old is quite a task. Therefore, I tried to boil my advice down to one of the most important choices anyone can make:

Be a Great Teammate.

You’ll be on many teams throughout your life. Your family is a team. Your theatre group is a team. Your choir is a team. You’ll compete with your soccer teammates, and try to play a harmonious tune with your orchestra. The thoughts below apply to all of these scenarios.

Great teammates always put others first – they are true servants. These qualities come easy for you. You have a genuine compassion for people, and that compassion is contagious. Life won’t be perfect, so there will be times where this will be tested. Take the advice that my mom used to tell me - “you will never regret choosing to be kind.” Great teammates take that high road.

Great teammates raise the energy in the room. They smile a lot. They show gratitude. People know that when they walk in, they have others’ best interest in mind, and want to bring out the best in each and every person. Who doesn’t want to surround themselves with energy raisers?

Great teammates listen and are empathetic. They put themselves in others’ shoes. They are inclusive and bring the group together, rather than judgmental to try to tear the group apart. Their own goals and dreams are important, but those take a backseat to the greater good. Great teammates realize that it’s not about them.

When times are good, be the great teammate that others want to celebrate with. When times are tough, be the great teammate who offers a shoulder to be leaned on. When you get older, you’ll realize that it wasn’t about the good or bad times, it was about who you navigated those times with, the lessons that you learned and the relationships that you forged. We are so thankful to be on your team. You and your brother inspire us every day.

Love, Dad


This is an excellent message for all of us.

Have a great weekend!


Notes and Updates

  • Congratulations to our BCSF Spring Innovation Grant winners! Winners were SnapWords (Desiree Shaw), Urban Gardening (Jenny Goggin and Shawna Netser), and Digital Art- The New Frontier (Meredith Blackerby). All three of these will bring funds and resources that will support our students!

  • Skip the stores and save a summer day! Why battle back-to-school shopping when you can easily purchase your child’s school supplies in a custom, pre-packaged kit?

    Each kit contains everything your teacher has requested and is affordably priced and delivered to the school before Open House day with your child's name on it.

    Paper order forms will be going home and are also available in the front office. You may also order online at http://www.shopttkits.com/ using account #30658.

    *Remember to order the grade your student will be in NEXT year, not their current grade. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the PTO at csalincolnpto@gmail.com

  • Teachers are starting to think about class rosters for next year. As a reminder, we do not take parent requests for teachers. My job is to put awesome teachers in each room so that it doesn't matter who your student gets. I am confident I have the best team and our record speaks for itself. That being said, you are able to reach out to your classroom teacher to share feedback about your child.
  • The CSA Lincoln School Leadership Team will begin interviewing candidates for our open kindergarten teaching position next week. As you know, Miss Deyerling is moving to Texas with her fiance over the summer. Over 21 people have applied for the position and the committee has been reviewing applications for the past week. I'll keep you posted once we have selected the replacement.
  • Wheels Friday are back! Starting next Friday, students can bring their wheels (bicycle, scooter, etc.) and ride them at recess. They must wear a helmet at all times.
  • Quarter 4 Passions started this week! The Bike Around Columbus! Passion returned and both Mrs. George and Mrs. Scarbrough joined me to ride with our students.
  • The BCSF will be hosting a Gametime Gala: A Trivia Soiree on Saturday, April 13, 2019, at The Commons in downtown Columbus. This "trivia night" event will provide the Foundation with the opportunity to celebrate its successes, review the educational achievements of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC), and recognize its many teacher grant recipients. Please consider attending this exciting event and supporting a very important organization for BCSC! Tickets can be purchased at https://www.bcsfstars.org/.
  • The ever-popular Art Show will return on Wednesday, May 8th. If you are an artist or know an artist who would be interested in doing live demonstrations at the art show, please have them contact Mrs. Blackerby at morrowme@bcsc.k12.in.us. We had a couple of people participate last year and it was a huge hit.

Important Upcoming Dates

Please mark these dates on your calendar!

  • April 30-May 2, May 7-10th- ILEARN Testing (3rd-6th Grade)
  • May 8th- Bike to School Day
  • May 8th- Art Show
  • May 15th- Indianapolis Indians Game-CSA Reading Challenge- Home Run Hitters
  • May 16-17th- Chicago Trip (6th Grade)
  • May 23-24th- CYC Camp Trip (5th Grade)
  • May 24th- Kindergarten Graduation 1:00 PM
  • May 29th- Move Up Day
  • May 29th- 6th Grade Graduation-10:00-11:00 am
  • May 30th- Last Student Day (Donner Park Field Day)

Staff Spotlight

Miss Brittany Busack

Miss Busack is in her first year of teaching at CSA Lincoln and teaches math in fifth-grade. She has afternoon car rider duty and often tutors students after school. She will be taking over as our athletic director next year. Miss Busack has been an excellent addition to our staff. She is a great teammate and goes above and beyond to help her students succeed.

Husky Gram Winners

Owen Herron

Emerson Ley

Sam Bosley

Kamron Robertson

Addeline Gray

Cayden Denton

Ethan Hall

Lily Barbercheck

Jaden Marksberry

Eli Viola

Bristol Myers

Willow Rynerson

Caiden Byrd

Lydia Bodem

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Adult Humor

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PTO Update

Join us a we jump into our next PTO Fundraiser Night!

Where: Urban Air Franklin

Date: Sunday, April 7

Time: 4-8PM (2 hour and 30 minute jump passes available for purchase)

We hope to see you there!

SAVE SOME TIME by completing our attached waiver form and bringing it with you!

As this is a PTO sponsored event, all families attending will need to sign this additional waiver in order to participate. We DO NOT need a waiver for each child, just one per family with each child listed individually. We will have some on hand at the event if needed.

Next PTO Meeting:

Thursday, April 18, 6-7PM Location to be announced! (We're planning a field trip!)

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BCSC Pre-K is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Applications are available at all elementary schools and online at www.bcsc.k12.in.us under the 2019-2020 Pre-K Applications heading. Please call us at 812-376-4569 for more information about BCSC Pre-K.

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