Team Dazzle & Dream

November 2013 Newsletter

Medium Utility Tote MADNESS

You gals rocked those Medium Utility Totes! WOOT!! Our team sales were $15.417! Our customers wanted them, WE wanted them and it was a great sale for the Holidays!

Your Director's Stats

Parties: 6

Personal Volume: $3955

Recruits: 1

Paycheck w/o leadership: $988.75

Paycheck because I chose leadership: $1451.26

$500 Club (Personal Volume)

Barb Pierce $516

Amanda Linden $543

Maureen Domask $607

Tracey Firkus $743

Carol Delegan $802

Jamie Walt $891

Nice job, gals! Way to book your month!

$1000+ Club (Personal Volume)

Dawn Sullivan $1216

Brooke Currier $1365

Rachal Robinson $1636

Stacie Van Zuidam $2009

You four gals have consistently broke the $1000 barrier each month and it's been noticed! Keep up the awesome work!

CONGRATULATIONS to Stacie for being top seller at over $2000!! ROCKSTAR!

Dream Builders

Angela Myers- 1 new team member

**Charissa Nelson only needs one more qualified recruit to promote to Senior Consultant!!


-Register NOW for your February C&C meetings! If you aren't registered, you will not receive an amenity. You must also attend the entire meeting, as Directors are held to an agreement not to hand out amenities to anyone that comes very late or leaves early (emergencies are different).

-OFFER the opportunity!

-CONFERENCE BUCKS are here! You can find more information on about it. Earn your way to Conference for FREE, along with some great free products as an added perk (besides all the free products you receive just for attending).

-Conference can be affordable! Start thinking about it now and putting money aside. 4 girls to a hotel room makes for a cheap stay! I made some amazing friends last year!

-Book your January and February, to make the rest of your Spring easy! Follow-up with those old contacts and leads! Maybe you even have a hostess who wants to rebook!

One more thing. . . . . . . .

*if you have a question, please reach out and ask!

*have fun! enjoy this "job!"

*offer the opportunity to everyone! don't make the decision for them!

*ASK for your bookings. If you don't ask, how will you know?

*challenge yourself to reaching out to one person per day about the opportunity to earn free products themselves, or even start their own career!

*pick up the phone and call. do "pink bag calls" and follow-up with customers to make sure they're enjoying their products. then offer the opportunity to earn more for FREE!

Angela Myers

I'm a mother to 3 young children and a wife to an amazing man. Formally a teacher, I've become a full-time Director with Thirty-One, enabling me to be home with my children and pursue my own dreams. It all started because I just wanted that discount. . . . . .