Identity Poster


  1. Self-image-
  • Definition- you mold yourself to others thoughts.
  • The founder of this theory is Charles Horton Cooley.
  • The main idea of this theory is that you shape yourself to how you think others look at you.

2. James Marcia's Identity Theory-

  • Definition- two distinct parts form a person's identity: choices and commitment.
  • Founder- James Marcia
  • The main idea of this theory is one's sense of identity is determined largely by the choices and commitment they make, through the 4 identity statuses (identity diffusion,foreclosure, moratorium, and identity achievement.)

3.Symbiotic Interactionism

  • Definition-



All humans have one thing in common, they all have an identity that is his or her own. That person’s identity is shaped and formed through many different aspects of his or her life. His or her identity is formed though the religion, the social interaction they have with family and friends, even their culture helps form and shape their identity. All of this is covered in three basic identity theories,symbolic interactionism, looking glass self (self-image), and James Marcia's Identity Theory. These three help show you the basics of identity and what it means, they are the the interpretations of how identity is formed, how it is shaped, and how it is expressed through the interpretation of others.


No matter who someone is they all hide their true selves, they mask their true beings, they try to hide who they really are. Eventually ,in many cases, they end up actually acting and being like the mask they are using to hide behind.Their identity changes to fit in with society, they mold themselves, and are molded by others, in response to whatever is popular at the time they are becoming who they are as a person.Everyone changes who they are at least a little bit to fit in with a group, whether it is as small as smiling when you're not really happy or as big as going beyond what you believe in for someone to like you, all humans conform his or her identity in some way to fit in with society’s expectations.