Ready for the Nutri fit walk?

Join us!!

Walking is one of the healthiest ways of exercise because we move our body, our heart beats faster and bumps more oxygen into our blood. We also feel more relaxed after doing exercise. That's why we decided to organize a Nutri walk, because we will do a healthy activity and at the same time we will keep close to the nature and we will talk with our friends.

Nutri Fit walk wants to involve Suttudents, Teachers and Parents.


Walk around our school surroundings among the nature, do some quizzes and physical activities and taste a healthy snack.


  • Let our partners from other grades in the school be aware of how important is a good nutrition and doing exercise every day
  • Have a healthy snack after the nutri walk
  • Do the exercise we should do everyday
  • Know some of the routes around our school
  • Be close to the nature
  • Improve our relationship among our colleagues from other grades


We choose a walk to promote exercise and show our partners healthy ways to have breakfasts or snacks. In every stop of the Nutri walk there will be some quizzes and exercises to do.

We have chosen a short route, the length a person should do everyday (about 5km)

We split our grade 5 passengers into 5 groups, because they will be the leaders of the walk. Each group will organize the activities of one of the 5 stops (Bees , Riddles, Ancient people, Recipes and Landart).

Material required (depending on each school number of people)

100 napkins, 100 glasses, litterbags, teaspoons, 5 bottles of water 5l, oranges, apples, watermelon, melon, 100 plastic plates and forks.

Who is the Nutri Fit walk for?

  • Students of primary, grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. Teachers and parents will be invited too.
  • Nutri walk meeting point: the school. Here we will make up groups of 8-10 people.

TIP: During the nutri walk all the passengers and the crew (teachers) will wear the T-shirt that we made!!