school is hard

kids hate school but school helps kids learn.

be yourself!

I am still a kid and is 11 years old.I really hate school but i have to go.Once i learned something in math and it was really important.I'm in 5th grade and I know that its very important to go.I'm also very shy but your who youare.It don't matter what you look like or what you yourself your you!

Some rules at school hate?!?!

there are some rules at school that are very offense but they are.I think people should take phones and electronics to school.Its very ok with our school to take electronics.We don't play with them in class but we can in the morningor  at should be able to talk alot in school cause some kids in school talk to get into can talk in school and thats just not fair.we had to run the wholetime in p.e.I know running is good for people but I have asthma and i shouldn't be running thatmuch.It was cause we talked alot and cause Alex my boyfriend of corse said "make us run more it won't bother me put more minutes up on the board"After he said that we had to run more It was friend Amber wanted to kill him.shes like "why don't you just kill him already "shes crazy and she was just kidding around.but some school rules I really hate.