8th Grade Math Classes

Heritage Middle School

In this class we are...

motivators, fun, solvers, mathematicians, nice, considerate, innovative, educators, compassionate, hard-workers, intelligent, risk-takers, outstanding, curious, dreamers, ambitious, goal-setters, winners, doers, listeners, smart, leaders, and kind.

Upcoming for Pre-Alg:

As we get into more algebra based content I recommend using khan academy for extra examples and explanations.

https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra-home to help them retain the algebra they learned or need help with.

Pre-Algebra is currently working on transformations and dimensional changes. When we return from Christmas holiday, we will be starting Pythagorean Theorem and estimating square roots.



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Password: student id#

Grading Policy

60%-Assessments/Quizzes and 40% Class, HW, Activities

You can correct assessments and quizzes up to an 80 and hw up to a 70 with your teacher after school or enrichment.

Jalesa Dagenhart

Welcome! This I'm delighted to be teaching at Heritage Middle School and look forward to meeting you. I attended UTPB with a BS in Biology. The new school year starts my 7th year teaching middle school math. Feel free to contact me during my conference or after school if you ever have any questions. Go Tigers!

Kim Thomson

Kim Thomson

Hi, my name is Kim Thomson. I am starting my 14th year of teaching secondary mathematics. This is my 10th year at Frenship. I look forward to working with you and your student!
I am a mom of three and love love love my time with my kids!! I also am a Licensed Athletic Trainer and work periodically with Lubbock Sports Medicine. My husband and I love all types of sports and enjoy Texas Tech Football, Dallas Cowboys Football and Texas Rangers Baseball!