Survival Guide

For Australia Savannah

Continent,Climate and Geography

Australia Savannah is located in Australia !The climate,two different seasons the wet & the dry.The dry season last about 5 too 6 months.The temperature ranges from 75 to 80 degrees.The average is about 98 degrees very hot!

Steps to Survive!

!.To get water where you see healthy plants there's water near.

2.Keep your cool!

3.Stay hungry the more you eat the thirstier you will get.

4.Dont drink your water as soon as your thirsty.

Animals in Australia savannah.

Plants in the Australia Savannah

One plant is the Bermada grass!

The second is a Megalophyllum flower!

Last but not least is the senegal gum but it can harm with its thorns,the seed pods are not poisonous!