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March 20, 2015

RESEARCH +: Juan Estrada, Christopher Green, and Autumn Kimbrough

research genies

750 Millville Rd

Coppell, Tx, 75019

Dear Avana Capital Corporation,

Our future successful company "RESEARCH +" has been looking for possible loans of up to 30,000$ so that we can open an official store of research genies. Our company is a rare, but useful one. We specialize in helping customers research important topics that they need in order to finish their own projects. We basically put in the work, making our customers life much less stressful and easier. That is our desire, to make life easier on others, lending them a hand when they feel lost and don't know what to do throughout their search. There is a lot of stress in this world, if you need help searching something you could even go to our website and talk to us to ask us about a hidden website that has all of your answers, releasing your stress significantly. Our mission statement in simple, release your mental stress and let us help find your answers. We are the research genies of the internet.

Our Company has 3 main leaders, Juan Estrada,Christopher Green, and Autumn Kimbrough, were are all research genies and are the ones that came up with this brilliant idea of using our researching skills to help others. There will be 3 different stations in our company, the online website genie team+, which are on 24/7 so that you can talk to them whenever you can and we are available. Next we have the Customer service genie team+, we do essentially the same job as the online genies, but we help you in person, that way we have a better understanding of the problem and that way we can work together face to face on fixing whatever your problem is. Our last Station is the genie tip+ group, if you have any questions on wanting to learn to research the internet better then this is the place to go, we offer classes at your home or at our place, wherever you desire. Juan Estrada is in charge of the Customer service genie team+. Christopher Green is in charge of the genie tip+ group, and Autumn Kimbrough is in charge of the online website genie team+.

We have a really neat group as of right now, we are constantly expanding, every day more and more people want to apply, so we have a good amount of people working for us and research genies. Thanks to Juan Estrada’s vision of helping people release their work stress and asking the right people for help. We were able to build this Company, but it wasn't without Christopher Green and Autumn Kimbrough; they all worked together to try and find a way to help more people and receive something in return that wasn't considered uneven. that is why we are very affordable and flexible on the type of research you need found in the internet. from finding a song to finding Calculus equations, we help you for the right price and give you the best answer possible.

Ways in which RESEARCH + will grow if you help us:

  1. We will send more advertising cards to people when they come and help us, spreading the word and also maybe interesting other very skilled researchers to join our group.

  2. RESEARCH + will for the first time launch its own customer service building where you can go and seek for professional help in finding your answer. improving your experience with our company by actually being able to work hand to hand with the research genie

  3. There will be ads on website where you normally search for your question, whether its good, or yahoo, we notice you need help in finding something, we will be there for you.


Juan Estrada, Christopher Green, and Autumn Kimbrough

The Research Genies
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Graphic Information and Market analysis

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In RESEARCH +, we are constantly working hard to provide the best customer service and to solve your problems. Ending our session with you good and leaving happy. We offer searching skills to customer who are really in need and have a little extra money in their pocket. If the Customers just want to learn on their own then they can buy our workbook that basically puts everything out there about what you can learn about being a research genie, or they can attend our classes which is a lot more engaging, you learn more and get any question answered that you may have about the topic. Knowing now where to go to look up anything. this will help us too because is extra money that the company could use.
We are a unique company, there is barely anyone like us, we are confident that with that we can make a lot of business. We will obviously build our store in a place near a lot of kind of more rich home owners, that way, since there is more business people, that will mean more customers coming towards us for any questions. Plus these people are more friendly so they will review our store, we will be able to ask them to tell their friends about us. We will give them a business card in order to advertise Our Company. We will also have ads on the internet on the major search engines so that they can get help if they need any.
Like is said before, we will have 3 major roles in the store which is run by the three owners. One is the online chat help genie, the other is the face to face customer service genie, and the last one is the genie teacher, teaching them what they need to know. All of our secrets are in a book that we sell to our customers if they want to know everything there is to know about doing good quality research. this is good because if people like the book, then they could tell their coworkers where they got the book and where we are located. This is free advertisement if you think about it, so making sure that our customers leave happy is a priority to us.

Video proof that we are legit, this is a college class, we specialize in this kind of stuff.

Help with Homework Researching Credible Connections

RESEARCH+ Hypothesis

If we keep having good customer service and try to answer all of our customers questions, then there is no doubt that they will leave happy and will tell their friends about us. This is also good because they will not feel like they wasted their time and money on a crappy store that cant even answer their questions. This will help us make a lot of profit because all we need are computers, furniture and our head, since we are not like a food business we dont have to worry about a lot of other stuff that just wastes more money.
There is no doubt that we will be able to pay off your loan because our profit will be very high, especially more because we sell our special book, which contains all the secrets to excellent research skills. Making sure the customers are happy is pretty much free advertising, which is very, very important.
We will have employees since just 3 people cant run the whole business by themselves because there is a ton of people out there that are in need of our help/advice. so some of our profit will go into paying our employees their money that is well deserved. The Company will grow and prosper if we keep having good customer service to the point where we wont need to even try to advertise our Company.
Here, we are all aware of the costs we need to make to make this Company prosper in the end, that is why we have come to you to let us the loan, we will prosper which will make you prosper.

Our Building Planner

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