Champions of Kamigawa, Outlaw

By Scott McGough comparison to greek mythology and my book

Imagine being chased down a dark alley by snarling rats.

Thats how Toshi Umezawa felt when traveling through the city of Eiganjo one night.My book starts out in an ancient china like area but with less humans and more unknown races like fox folk, rat folk also known as Nuzumi, and Kami (spirits). The main character sets out to find out why the Kami are acting up and killing people. So the main character Toshi befriends a bandit rat folk named kobo to go with him and kill some bandits on the way.

Every story needs a plot, and here is this one.

Our story opens in a magical land where animals and humans are all intelligent and belong to different tribes called clan folks. The leader of the largest city called Eiganjo has fought wars with all the clan folks and finally united them into a prosperous peace.

He is called King Daimo Konda. His wife, Lady Yoshino just had a baby girl. they were humans, but many of their subjects fox clan folks like her midwife Lady Pearl-Ear. They name the baby Michiko, and she grows up a pretty and brave person. But now there are rumors of an attack coming. Their world also has a spirit world in it. The spirits are planning an attack to take over the world, and Michiko must go on a perilous journey to

the magical monks, and find allies to fight the spirit world.

List of main Characters

Book Connection to Greek Hero #1


Michiko is similar in many ways to the Greek hero Perseus. Perseus' father was a god ,

her father was a king. They both are very brave and want to save their people from evil forces. Both are forced to go on long quests resulting in much danger and hardship. They both must find allies along the way in order to defeat their enemies. many friends and relatives are lost to them, but they still go on to defeat evil.

Book Connection to Greek Hero #2 Hades

Hades is the evil son of a Greek god. He rules the dead and uses black magic to do his evil deeds. The leaders of the spirit world does much the same. The spirits use the dead to attack people and black magic to kill them. They both want to rule the world and will stop at nothing to get it, even killing and slavery.

Book Connection to Greek Hero #3 Hercules

Hercules was also a Greek hero. He was very strong and defeated many foes. but he had a hot temper that got him into trouble many times. He was vicious to his enemies, but loyal to his friends. He was a loner at first, but turned to helping people in the end.

Our outlaw Toshi Umezawa is very similar to him. He also was strong and a good fighter

but would fight regularly with the rat folks over minor things. After rescuing princess Michika from the Orachis of the forest clan he unites with her to fight the spirit beings.

Critique of the book champions of Kamigawa, Outlaw

The book is very interesting with many creatures to read about. The humans, rat, snake, fox, spirit and Kimo forest folk clans was good reading. What I didn't like was that many works were misspelled that even I could pick out, and some of the sentences did not make sense. I think the author tried to make the book too complicated.

Concluding Thoughts

In the Greek myths, the gods and heroes were things that sparked a persons imagination. The book I read did the same thing. just like the star trek and alien movies,

people like to think what it would be like to meet new and different creatures.