Career and College Goals and info

By Beau Windebank


Description- Brief description – Designs buildings and other projects (Bridges ect), overview projects

Average Annual Salary- 80,000

Education required (most common) – Bachelor's degree

Day to Day Tasks- Plan layout of project, prepare scale drawings, administer construction contracts.

Job Outlook- Beaumont Port Arthur, Tx has the highest salary. In Texas there are over 18,000 jobs for this job.

Other benefits/compensation- Work from 9am to 5pm, work in private offices

College- TCU

Annual Cost- $50,940

Tuition- $38,510

Books- $1050

Housing- $6900

Meal Plan- $4,480

Is required for freshman application and is $40. Minimum SAT score is 1650. You don’t have to have a GPA of anything specific. No AP courses and you must fill out an essay.


Annual Cost- $43,035

Tuition- $30,888

Books- $1050

Housing $11,097 (With meal plan)

Scholarships- Yes

Work Study- Yes

Exemptions- Yes

Admission fee- $50

Sat and ACT score- SAT- 4846 Act-3498

No specific high school GPA

AP courses- no

Essay- No

University of Texas

Tuition- $37,448

Books- $1,127

Housing- $9,272

Meal plan- $1,024

Admission- $75

SAT/ACT score- SAT- 6882 ACT- 4240

High School GPA- no requirements

AP courses- No

2 Essays