digestive system

by joseph trujillo


Today you will be learning about the marvoles best system in the world, the important system ever ,the digestive system. First up are the parts and their function. after that all crazy systems it works with. At last all the wild fun facts.


First the parts, the mouth chomps the food to smaller chunks then the tounge pushes it backwards to the esophagus witch transports it to the stomach were it gets chumed then goes to the small intestine were nutrueints are absored and put in the blood stream and goes to the large intestine and the water is absored and goes to the rectum to the end of its life.

crazy systems

the system it works with is circlur system the nurtient is put in the blood stream nervous system the stomach tells the brain its hungry muclur system all the digestive system is smooth muclul


Have you wonder how you fart and more well that is what im doing right now. you fart because you eat air when you eat, the esophgus is 10 inches long, the small intestine is larger than the large intestine, YOU CAN EAT POOP, throw up is stomach acid,the stomach is the size of your fist.


I hope you like my ride of the digestive system did you learn any thing new so bye