Chancellor News and Notes

May 4, 2016

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

It's Teacher and Staff Appreciation week, and the discounts, freebies, and little gifts of gratitude are going strong around the country. Yes, it's just for this week, which makes me think, why only thank our educators for one week out of the year? That's not very grateful, is it?

But we know that's not really why we are here. As educators, we have calling. For some reason or another, we were all drawn into this field, and know that we are here to serve our students in a multitude of roles, with a preponderance of patience (most days, might be slipping a little right now- stay strong!). But- we are definitely not in this job for the money, for glory or recognition, or for any kind of compensation beyond seeing the lights go on for students as we teach a new skill or task.

Have you every just wanted to cry from joy when a student suddenly applied a concept you didn't think had been absorbed, was able to say and write sight words you worked on for months, or understood a math problem and was able to solve on their own? How exciting is that?! As educators, we look for the little things, which add up over time to immense growth for our kids, both socially, emotionally, and academically, and that's how we survive those days that just make you want to go home and never come back.

Thank you for being in this for the students. No matter what position you are in, you are here in this building because you want to care for kids, and that is a blessing. Thank you for loving, serving, and caring every day you are here at Chancellor.

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STAAR is next week! Eeeek!

Okay, we are finally here! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are STAAR testing days.

A few reminders:

  • No visitors to the building (except breakfast) during STAAR
  • Level 0 in the hallways (all students, all staff)
  • Follow the schedules that will be placed in your boxes
  • Restroom noise level 0 (remind all primary students)
  • Please do not discuss testing with teachers or ask students any questions about the test (it's against the rules)
  • No recess or outside activities on these 3 days (I know, its a long time, but testing will be happening in every portable and in the CCC lab by the playground, including extended testers who can test until 3:00 pm)
  • STAAR Buddies- get all your goodies delivered by Friday for your classes :)

Get ready for some Calorie-Heavy Appreciation Events!

  • Today (Wednesday) is Dessert Day! Stop by during your lunch to the lounge and get a yummy dessert, donated by our fabulous Chancellor parents!

  • Friday will be "Fiesta Friday!" Stop by the lounge during your lunch for some fajitas and all the fixings, donated by our wonderful PTO!
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