Mesoamerica Exhibit

New Exhibit


This exhibit illustrates the way Mesoamericas farm. For example, the Mayas dug canals to help get water to the fields. The Incas grew crops using terracing to help grow more crops. They also were the first people to eat potatoes. The Aztecs were very good at farming and made floating islands called chinampas to grow their crops. Chinampas helped water and fertilize the crops.


This exhibit also illustrates the inventions of the Mesoamericans. For example the Mayas created a calendar to help tell them when was a good time to plant crops. The Incas invented many medicines using plants. The medicines help cure diseases. The Aztecs invented a food called popcorn.

Cultural Traditions

This exhibit also illustrates the culture traditions of the mesoamericans. For example the Mayas built pyramids to honor their gods. The Incas built temples for religious ceremonies. The Aztecs liked war because it helped get territory.

Interesting Facts

This exhibit is full of interesting facts. For example the Mayas lived in present-day south Mexico and wrote in hieroglyphics. The Incas lived in present-day Peru and had no writing system. The Aztecs lived on an artificial island in present-day Mexico and also used hieroglyphics.