Science Update

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This week's headlines...

Some great stuff happening across the faculty this week, with the introduction of ICT into the PE department and some grand plans to get video feedback moving! Science have had a strong tstart to the year with the majority of all coursework completed. Thanks to all the effort we've gone to with displays etc. they look fab.

Have a fantastic week!


Student movement audit

This week I am going to be focusing on student movement around the school and particularly in Dyson and PE. I think there are marginal gains here, in terms of department expectations, and it'll be good to see if there are any tweaks that can make transitions work better for us.
Balloon Launch FAIL - Funny & Original Balloon Release Goes Wrong.
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Teaching and learning policy:

The teaching and learning policy is due out for consultation on Monday. Can I ask that you give it a really thorough read as this is going to be one of the most important documents in the school and it's central to our work. If there are any questions or issues please go and see Simon P or Sue W. Alternatively you can come and see me and I can try and help answer queries / forward feedback.