Tools and Ideas for iPads


Happercollinschildrens.com/feature/app Collins Big Cats

  • Students can retell and sequence stories as well.
  • They can record their retell
  • Tabtale.com/apps
  • Interactive animated scenes
  • Play educational games
  • Free app


  • Free 1st chapter
  • 300 page epic sci-fi story
  • augmented reality app
  • Aurasma AR app for students to create their own


  • You are the characters!!!!
  • It is free


  • Must draw as the story goes on
  • Interactive learning with plot, elements, characters

Pic collage use youtube videos

You doodle

Image chef

Frame artist

Favorite quote from book in word cloud on image shef

Magazine from time period/setting of story.

Creation tool (pearltree, pinterest)

Comicshead.com (take a story and recreate as a comic)

Tellagami.com they can be the character

Puppet Pals HD

YakIt for Kids

  • Upload your own image
  • Add stickers and more
  • Create trading cards
  • Recreate and retell the story for a younger student

Using book creator can be publish to ibooks

Story kit using classic to change up story

Educlipper.net pinterest for educators

Popplet.com web verison with more options

Mathematics with the iPad

Math Resource Apps:

Math Dictionary


Explain Everything

Khan Academy



Common Core


Ants Lite

Kids Counting

Skip Counting

Splash Math

Montessori Hundreds Board

10 Frame Fill

Base 10 Blocks

Hunderfelt - Hundreds Board

Money & Time:

Make Change


Counting Money

Money Counting Lite

Amazing Coin

Telling Time

Hickory Dickory Dock

Fractions & Number Lines

Pearl Diver

Zoom Motion Math

Lobster Diver

Fractions Lite

Math Facts - Multiplication & Division

Division Flow

Multiplication Wiz

Division Wiz

Multiplication Tables

Math Tutor

Math Facts - Adding & Subtracting

Hungry Fish

Let’s Do Math

Kids Math

Dino Math

AUM Math

Adding Apples

Math Facts - Multiple Topics

Math Puppy Bingo

Splash Math

Meteor Math


Math Blaster

Rocket Math

5 Dice


Problem Solving


Thinking Blocks

Angry Birds


Sunny Seeds

Candy Crush

Classroom Management Apps



Timer Apps

Sand Timer

Red Light, Green Light


Classroom Volume Apps

Too Loud or Too Noisy

Student Selector Apps


Rondom number generator

Pick a student

Name Selector Star

Managing Student Work





Teacher Kit

Cloud Storage


DocScan HD


Google Forms

Collaboration with the iPad


• Verb (action word)

• Working jointly on an activity to produce or create something

• Perfect if you only have one to produce or create something

Screenchomp-records (free) (ios)


• Records student work; video/audio capture; & graphics

• Share on multiple platforms

• Clear and easy to use

◦ Check for understanding and portfolio piece

◦ Venn diagram... talk together... work together

• Example: List out the factors of twelve

◦ Export options

◦ Copy link, email link, tweet this

Doceri -(free)



◦ Also records teacher or student work, saves video to camera roll

◦ Can be used to demonstrate from the ipad (connected wirelessly to a laptop projecting on a board) and present in class using the projector.

• has a "glass screen" that lets you anotate the content on the screen

◦ Doceri is an app that records student work free app

• Saves to your iPad's camera roll!

Craig: Here's Screencast page from @cybraryman1 http://cybraryman.com/screencasts.html

Whiteboard lite (free) (IOS and Android)



• Shared screen with a second ipad, (similar to Groupboard www.groupboard.com)

◦ Two ipads and they connect over wifi to collaborate

• Clear and easy graphics perfect

• SMART Board simulator

◦ Have each student use a different color

◦ baiboard for more than two iPads connecting

iPrompt (also available in android) - can be used as a teleprompter



• Displays text, timed propmter

◦ Skill practice: fluency, oral presentations

• You can cut and paste content

• Connects with other ipads

• Practice choral reading

• Readers Theater

• Impromptu-displays text, timed prompter, skill practice, fluency,

◦ iprompt- personal teleprompter

• collaborate-work jointly on an activity to produce or create something

◦ could grab a speech from the internet...

◦ Words pop up and scroll through the screen

• Great way to use 1 iPad with a few students at once...

Funny Movie Maker (free)



◦ Use an image from ipad camera role cut out the mouth and insert an animation, "making the picture talk"

• Partner and group activities

• Camera use to create videos and take photos

• Interviews, PSA's,

• Portfolio documentation

◦ I have videographer and photographer as class jobs this year, so we get lots of pix and videos taken that can be used for different projects

• Journal entries from points of view

◦ using evidence from text / primary sources

◦ speak through the lens of the character

Great for biography presentations

ChatterPix Kids (free)

◦ Perfect for use with partners


◦ Insert your mouth or entire face to make the image come to life

◦ Historical Figures and readers response are a few classroom applications.

◦ make existing images speak by adding your voice

• remember to allow it to access your microphone when you first install the app

◦ tip from Cindi: ChatterPix also works great with DoodleBuddy, have the kids draw their own picture, save to camera roll, bring in to ChatterPix and have the drawing of a snowman, fish, whatever, then speak.

Camera on iPad -

◦ PSA work in groups - record science experiments

• getting to know you and know the ipad at the beginning of the year.

◦ difference between still/movie

• built in to iPad

◦ partner/group activities: interviews, public service announcements

◦ Portfolio documentation: presentations, experiments, field trips

◦ Know the portfolio for getting the video from the device

Toontastic - There is a free version

http://launchpadtoys.com (K-8 and high school teachers... lesson plans for math, science, social studies... + ELA)


Write or retell stories

Puts together scenes into stories

You can assign different roles to your students, director, props, scenes

Make decisions: setting, character, tone

Assign roles: director, set designer, character voices

Students work better when working in a group on Toontastic.

Gives students the power to write or retell the story. Or break a known story into scenes.

can create and draw own settings and characters too

Can use graphic organizer... write out the script

(Time consuming to load and update when doing iPad updates or syncs - but is really cool)