No Reason For Challenge

Part II, Poster

We Want Your Opinion!

The school board has recently been wondering whether or not to challenge the book entitled "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut. They have their own reasons on why they think it should be challenged, and we are asking all of you that have read this book to come to the court house this Saturday at 12:00 to state your own opinion. This way the board will be able to see whether or not they are truly wrong. There will also be snacks available at around 12:15 to those who get there first, so you may want to come earlier.
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Challenging the Challenger

There is absolutely no need for this book to be challenged and possibly banned. This is a great book that opens the mind to other people's opinions. Children today are not open to what other people think, which is not a good factor in how the world today works. This is a great book for those children to start a development of respecting what other people have to say. That is just one perfect reason for why this book does not need to be challenged, come to the courthouse for more great reasonings.
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