Fresh Water

What is an Aquifer?

An aquifer is a body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater!

What do Aquifers do?

Work to clean and restore freshwater that we are able to drink

Why are aquifers important?

They help keep our water stored underground which is why we need to be extra careful when we litter because we need to keep it clean so it will not be contaminated and undrinkable.

What does an Aquifer look like?

They all can vary in shape and size but athere are two kinds of aquifers:Confined and  unconfined aquifers which have a top layer called the Water Table.

Types of aquifers

There are two types of aquifers. They are called Unconfined aquifers and Confined aquifers.

Unconfined Aquifer

An Unconfined Aquifer Is Those Who Which Water Seeps From The Ground Surface Directly Above The Aquifer.

Confined Aquifer

Those In Which An Impermeable Dirt/Rock Layer Exists That Prevents Water From Seeping Into The Aquifer From The Ground Surface Located Directly Above.