'Never Missing a Teaching and Learning Trick'

Issue 3 - October/November 2013

How are we getting on with the HOLE Marginal Gains?

Thus far, we have established the CLiC groups for term 1. Three groups were devised to cover an array of areas under the personalised learning umbrella. At the October AP meeting, each group developed their own actions in terms of the key focus of the group and how they will monitor progress through reflection and peer observations. More information on the groups can be found below (CLiC on the below title for access to all CLiC plans as developed by each group).

In addition to the above, the thematic review (here) provides all information on strengths and areas for improvement in the key areas of personalised learning from the October 2013 thematic observations. It is important that all staff are aware of the areas for development for each CLiC theme in order to guide their focus for this term.

Huge Congratulations to James Corbett (Google Ed) on being successful in his Google Teaching Academy application. See his application video here:

Google Ed - 'Classroom Innovation'

Websites of the Month

  • http://coops-online.co.uk/ - A maths resource website with lots of well produced resources that can be adapted if required.
  • http://tobaccobody.fi/ - A useful interactive webpage that shows the effects of smoking on the human body - highly appropriate for STOPtober
  • http://www.zygotebody.com/ - An interactive 3D human body that allows you to visualise various body systems.

Best practice shared this month

Thanks go to the following individuals for sharing their best practice at the October AP Meeting.

  • Dave Gibbs - Shared his Diamond 9 (click here for a diamond 9 resource).
  • Vicky McKay - Shared her colour coded attendance monitoring sheet with learner photos.

Didn't get to attend TeachMeet Leicester? Watch what happened here:

TeachMeet Leicester Final