All About Me!

By: Shelby Poehl

FIVE things I value!

1. Family

2. Faith


4. Love

5. Respect

A short term goal I have~

i want to be able to graduate on time, that used to be a long term goal before i realized that i graduate next year!

A Long Term Goal I Have~

To be the best mother I can be, have a good job to provide for my daughter!
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Five Things I Want~

1. To be the best mother I can be!

2. To go far in life !

3. To make my daughter and my mother proud!

4. To be mentally, physically,emotionally, and spiritually healthy!

5. To be able to have everything i need and want for me and my daughter!

Five Things I Need~

1. i need my Family

2. my horse

3. my friends church/ God

5. support on things when I feel like giving up!