Look at my beans

Ben T


The root came out of the plants first followed by the shoot. Light didn't have an effect on the germination of the plants. We had the beans and corn seeds in a drawer and only had water on them. Gravity played a role on the germination of the plants. As the root came out it went down like it would in the soil.

Beans and Corn

Plant Growth

Beans are a vascular plant as are corn plants. The xylem and phloem transport nutrients and water to the leaves of the plants. Neither plant has very deep roots because they are harvested every few months.

Our soil was high phosphorus but it was slightly low in nitrogen. This was not good for the corn plant which needs a lot of nitrogen to grow. This caused our corn plant to die.

Our beans grew steadily then sort of leveled out. They also didn't grow out as much as they did up. We thought it did this because we had a light directly above it. The corn took a long time to grow and when it did it died off rather quickly.

Our beans grew mostly in the stem, it grew a lot taller than it did out. We had pretty small leaves on our beans. Our corn grew only a little before dying, so we didn't get much data from that.

I learned that soil composition and what nutrients are in the soil is very important. That will determine how much your plant will grow. I also learned how important the amount of light and where the light comes from, is.