Wishing You a Sparkling 2016

new year. new style.

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New Year...New Style!

Happy New Year! I'm so excited for the start to 2016 - our new Spring Collection will be launching to customers on January 12th and I am currently looking for 3-4 amazing women to help me launch the collection with their friends and family! Style Sessions can be in person and online!

For sharing the style this month you will be rewarded with a BONUS $50 in rewards on top of the hundreds you would have already earned! Contact me now to secure your January date! Below are some FAQ's and some sneak peeks of just a few items from the collection!

Trunk Show FAQ's:

Who should host a Trunk Show?

Everyone! It's a great way to connect with your friends for fun and rewards. Our typical hostess earns hundreds in free products and more at 1/2 off. See our Style Rewards.

We pride ourselves on having something for a classic, sophisticated woman, as well as the fresh-from-college hipster and everyone in between. We even offer styles for little girls and tweens.

Will my friends and I get to see all the accessories from the collection?

Your Stylist will bring a variety of sample selections for everyone to try on as well as a Look Book that shows the entire line of accessories. Guests can also view all of our products online.

Can I host a Trunk Show in a small apartment or office?

Stella & Dot Trunk Shows are regularly held in studio apartments in NYC! If you have a kitchen counter top or coffee table, you have all the space you need. We're all about connecting with friends in a warm, personal environment. While the home environment is best, Stylists can also hold Trunk Shows in an office conference room, or another location.

Can I have food and drink, and what can I serve?

Of course! We suggest light appetizers and drinks. Nuts, cheese and crackers, or cookies are popular options. We encourage you not to go overboard with food; keep refreshments super simple. People are often so busy trying on jewelry that they don't eat much at the Trunk Show.

What's the difference between shopping online and at a Trunk Show?

Every Trunk Show doubles as a 3-week online event — with the Trunk Show falling in the middle, so you can get your style fix in person or on-the-go. We adore Trunk Shows because they provide you with that magical touch of Stella & Dot personal styling. Plus, it's always better to try things on in person — who knows what might sweep you off your feet! If you can't make it to a Trunk Show, shopping online is the best way to make sure you don't miss out on an amazing shopping opportunity, while still benefiting your Stylist and Hostess, too.

What if my friends can't make it, can they shop online?

You'll never find the perfect date where everyone can attend. No worries! If friends can't make it, they'll still be able to shop your event online! Typically one half to one third of invited guests make the event.

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January Trunk Show Exclusives

Shop these items at 50% off when you spend $50 at a trunk show in January.
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It's Time to Redeem your Dot Dollars!

Did you shop with me in November and December 2015 and earn Dot Dollars? If yes, I have your codes and you have until 1/5 to use them! Email me at stylebyrene@gmail.come or call/text me at 301-814-4181 to place your order!

3 Ways to Get in on the Fun!

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Join me on this Adeventure!

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? A cute little accessories boutique, perhaps? But are afraid of the start-up costs, the overhead, rent, office equipment, lawyers, accountants, contractors, suppliers, staff, payroll, inventory, etc? I have the PERFECT solution for you...

I run my own fun, flexible, profitable accessories boutique with start-up costs easily paid for in just 2 trunk shows. I pay no credit card processing fees, I have my own professionally designed e-commerce website, marketing and merchandising geniuses at my disposal, top-notch industry training, I keep no inventory and make no deliveries. Plus, Stella & Dot is an Inc 500 fastest growing company backed by Sequoia Capital, the founders of Zappos and Bare Minerals are on our board of directors. We've taken the best practices of traditional MLMs and combined it with the best of social selling and e-commerce. We've taken the icky out of in-home sales to bring the hottest in accessory trends exclusively to your living room in a casual, no pressure environment.

I have also made amazing friendships and work alongside the most inspiring, motivating, wonderful women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have never met a community of more giving, kind & supportive people in my life.

Best. Decision. Ever.
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Rene Kauder, Director, Coach and Mentor


TO GIVE EVERY WOMAN THE MEANS TO STYLE HER OWN LIFE. We get great joy out of designing irresistible jewelry.And yet, jewelry is just the tangible expression of something much greater we are creating. WE HAVE A VISION OF THE WORLD WHERE strong women live bold and joyful lives. They know what they want and they work for it. THEY INSPIRE EACH OTHER. Passion and joy are their best accessories.