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Demand online and make your own specific Individual Jacket, Suit, Waistcoat or Trousers in Standard Sizing from Extra Short to Extra Long and independently set trouser lengths. Uniquely crafted in Leeds by customary procedures from our own specific work rooms skim a broad assortment of Tweed, Corduroy, Moleskin and Linen materials! Since 1997 we have pulled in a broad assortment of customers, young and old to make solitary praiseworthy and contemporary pieces of attire hand specially crafted to customer necessities.

We simply use the finest Corduroy jacket; pick your fabric from a tasteful determination of ordinary 100% Wool Scottish and British Tweeds. You should examine our site where you can ask for pieces of attire that you will acknowledge wearing and fit you well. All our Moleskin waistcoat are individual made to demand, offering a broad assortment of fabrics, and style assortments to suit your taste, each one of our Jackets are remarkably created to your necessities in the UK.

Pick 2 or 3 get front Jackets, with choice of vents and take styles. Either Style can be consolidated up with Moleskin waistcoats with parts of your choice wrinkles or bottoms close by planning Waistcoats. As all solicitations are only made to demand transport of a solicitation is approximately 28 Days from the date of solicitation. We offer the finest nature of fabrics that suits your skin too your style. From us, you generally get the best quality and in vogue things.

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