Chinese Inventions


Acient Fire Dragon Multi Staged Rocket

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Acient Fire Dragon Multi Staged Rocket

Modern Day Rocket Blast Off

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Modern Day Chinese Multi Stage Rockets

How This Invenion Helped the Chinese People

The rockets help them in war it also led the to the missel and the firework. The multy staged rocket helped them kill more than one person at a time .The small rockets all spred to different places sending fire there. They used these rocket agensed mongolia.I 1656 there was an even better wepon created. it was severl multy staged rockets lit at the same time. This kill more people than the other 2 rockets that had been made.
LIFT OFF: China launches space module rocket Tiangong 1

History of the Chinese Multi Staged Rocket

The rocket and multistaged rockets: China, Eleventh and Twelfth CE Centuries . Around 1150 it crossed someone's mind to attach a comet-like fireworks to a four foot bamboo stick with an arrowhead and a balancing weight behind the feathers. To make the rockets multi-staged, a secondary set of rockets was attached to the shaft, their fuses lighted as the first rockets burned out. Rockets are first mentioned in the West in connection with a battle in Italy in 1380, arriving in the wake of Marco Polo.

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