Williston School District / December 17, 2014

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A Message from the Administration

by Carter Smith

Jewish Men Make the Coffee

The Holidays are upon us. The Jewish Holiday Hanukkah started Tuesday December 16 and runs through December 24. African Holiday Kwanzaa will start the day after the Christian Holiday, Christmas. Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26 to January 1. When we say Happy Holidays, most of us are also including New Year’s.

My father Cyrus is a retired minister who is currently teaching an adult Bible class at a Presbyterian Church in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are currently studying Letters to the Hebrews in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. In his introduction to the study he told the class about the tradition in Jewish families for the man of the home to get up first and make coffee. That is why the members of the Jewish faith are called He-brews. Cyrus said he got a good laugh. I would think he got a few groans mixed in. At least he got their attention.

Now that I have your attention, I want to talk briefly about the holidays. Regardless of what you celebrate this time of year I hope it is a time for reflection as well as celebration. Most of us have a lot to be grateful for - friends, family, food and shelter. Many of you are involved with helping others who are less fortunate. As we lead up to the holidays, with shopping, baking, waiting in line at the Post Office, let’s try to take some time to reflect on how fortunate we are.

Because of the way the holidays fall in the calendar this is a longer than usual holiday break for students and teachers. There will be plenty of time to reflect on memories of holiday traditions and maybe even start some new ones.

And for my Hebrew friends and neighbors, I hope the man or men of the house will continue to wake up first and brew the coffee.

Happy Holidays from the Administrative Team, Carter, Jackie, Walter and John

WCS 5-8 Concert Thursday

Thursday, 12/18- evening concerts
5:30 Concert: (musicians arrive at 5:10)

Symphonic Band, 5/6 Chorus, Concert Band

7:00 Concert (musicians arrive at 6:40)

Jazz Band, Varietones, Wind Ensemble, 7/8 Chorus

click here for concert dress information

Learn to Ski or Ride Program

Registration is now open at the Recreation & Parks Dept. for the Learn to Ski or Ride Program. Registration deadline is January 6, 2015. The program begins on Friday, January 16.
Fees: Lesson & Lift Ticket- $60 per, Transportation- $15 per, Late Fee- $10 per. Ski equipment can be rented for $25 per. Fitting dates will be in early January, dates to still be determined.
For more information visit the dept. site at- Volunteers needed- please consider getting involved! Registration form link-


You might ask why we are talking about taxes in the School Bell. Well here is why. Parents have an opportunity to make a tax deductible contribution to the Williston Annual Fund and we didn’t want December 31st to come and go without this little reminder. If you have not yet made your tax deductible contribution to the Annual Fund to pay for your child’s or children’s field trips, please do that ASAP by clicking HERE for the online option or HERE for access to a form to print out and send in to the House T.A. Any amount is appreciated to cover the cost of field trips. And a big thank you from FAP!!

From the Williston Central School Library

November 19 wasn’t a typical day at Williston Central. Thanks to the Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, students in grades 3, 4, 5, & 6 were treated to a presentation by Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Jeff shared his writing process and gave us a look at what he was like growing up and then as a struggling cartoonist, as well as a taste of what his life is like now. After his talk, he answered many questions from students before he hopped back on the huge orange tour bus.

Students and adults were excited and energized. We were so fortunate to have this opportunity! Thank you, Flying Pig!

Lost & Found Collections

Please be sure to check the Lost & Found collections at both schools before the holiday break. Items will be bagged up during the break before being donated to Good Will.

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Family Math Challenge

Congratulations to the following families for participating in the 4th Family Math Challenge: Jadus, Mitchell (did #4 this week as well), Kenney, Van Buren, Nicholson, Krieger, Haines (bonus points for creativity with a ShowMe video explaining their thinking)!

Math is a part of everyday life and can be enjoyed by everyone. Each week a new logical reasoning math problem will be posted in the School Bell. Share the challenge with your children, use everyday objects to create a visual, watch their creative brains grow, and enjoy your time together. Email your answer (share how you arrived at it if you are so inclined) to Julie Rogers ( with Family Math Challenge in the subject line. Click here to find the answer to last week’s challenge and a new challenge.

8th Grade Challenge Projects

Health Office

Vision and Hearing Screening have been completed at both ABS and WCS. If your child failed an exam you should have been contacted by a phone call and a referral letter. If you have not heard from the school nurse, your child passed their screening. If you have any questions please call the Health Office. Thank you!

Annual Well Care Visits for Adolescents in Vermont
The Bright Futures Recommendations periodicity schedule has changed to recommend that adolescents receive yearly well care visits (previously known as yearly check-ups or health supervision visits).

The reason for annual well care visits for all children and youth is to provide an opportunity for the provider to build rapport with the student. Adolescents often present with a complexity of issues (e.g. substance abuse, issues of safety and risk, sexuality, mental health and family situations) that require more time to address. Also identified is the need for privacy and confidentiality between the adolescent and the provider, so there needs to be time to educate the parent as well around this need. Parents and adolescents need anticipatory guidance, and parents appreciate a higher quality of care for their children. Adolescents appreciate this time alone with their provider as some conversations can be awkward in the presence of their parents.

Providers received a letter on September 9, 2014 reminding them of the annual well care recommendations. And insurance providers are covering the cost of this service.

Understanding Confidentiality

Ready Brochure

Is your Adolescent getting ready for life?

Tis the season for giving!! Please don’t let HEAD LICE be the gift you give! PLEASE CHECK FOR HEAD LICE WEEKLY !

Thank you!

3SquaresVT Replacement Benefits Due to Power Outage

With the recent winter storm leaving many Vermonters without power for various amounts of time, it is important to remember that 3SquaresVT households may be eligible for replacement benefits if food they bought with their benefits spoils due to loss of electricity for four hours or more.

You must request replacement benefits within 10 days of the loss, either orally (by calling 1-800-479-6151 or visiting the local district office) or in writing to the local district office.

More information about replacement benefits can be found here: Please contact me at with any additional questions you may have.

Athletics link

Williston School District Physical Education Department

Health Office Links

WCS: 871-6170, 871-6171 / Lisa LePrevost, RN, Carol Albertelli, RN / ABS: 871-6248 / Sylvia Love, RN

Join the WCS Penguin Plunge Team!

We need YOU to join our Williston Wildcats Penguin Plunge Team! This is our 5th year having a school team participating in the Penguin Plunge. The Penguin Plunge is a fundraiser for the Special Olympics and all the participants jump in Lake Champlain! It is very cold but lots of fun. The date is Saturday, February 7th and it takes place at the Burlington Waterfront. If you have questions please talk to the student captains: Eric Couture, Maggie Warren, and Noah Townley. We need students, teachers, staff, parents, and siblings on the team! Please email Jennifer Townley at or Alice Fothergill at if you have questions.

If you are interested in joining the team, please sign up on line at

Make sure to select the "Williston Central School Wildcats" team. Also, please sign your name on the sign up sheet in the WCS front office.
Be a part of your school's team and support a great cause!

Upcoming Events

Voyager Family Night / Wed. Dec. 17 / 6:30-8:30 pm
WCS 5-8 Concerts / Thurs. Dec. 18 / 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm / WCS Auditorium
/ Mon. Dec. 22 - Fri. Jan. 2
Intergen Meetings / Wed. Jan. 7 / gr. 7/8: 11:35 am; Gr. 5/6: 12:30 pm / WCS Lobby
FAPAC Meeting / Thurs. Jan. 8 / 8:15 am / WCS

School Dance / Fri. Jan. 9 / 6:30-8:30 pm / WCS
4 Winds Training / Wed. Jan. 14 / 8-10:30 am / WCS Dining Room
St. George School Board Mtg.
/ Wed. Jan. 14 / 5:30-7:30 pm. / WCS Dining Room
NO SCHOOL / Mon. Jan. 19

School Board Budget Mtg. / Thurs. Jan. 22 / 4:30-6:30 pm /

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