Volume is a measurment of cubic units in a 3-D figure

What i learned from volume

What I learned about volume is that volume is the measurement of cubic units in a 3D figure. A 3D figure is a figure in the 3rd Dimension. There is a volume measurement for every 3D figure it is V=Bh. Capitol b is area of the base witch is the problem for area of the 3D shape. Prims are named after their base. Volume fills a 3D figure with cubic units. A circle is a little different because you have to multiply 3.14 /22/7 by the radius squared.

4cm=h prism


V=Bh 4x4=16 16x 4= 64 4cm=b


My commentary

I met the standards by talking about volume and circumference. I also met the standards by explaining the formula for a circle and prisms and also volume of a polygon.

Student commentary

Chase Chappell

This student met the standard by solving a problem in detail. This student also gave great tips on what he learned about volume and what it is about. The student also talk about the 3-D shapes of prisms.