The VP-10 OSC

September 2015 Newsletter

Letter from the President

Hello Lovely Lancers!

I'm so excited to see September here, and am looking forward to the idea of cooler weather, fall scents, and all the fun holidays that we get to celebrate in the coming weeks and months. Fall is certainly one of my favorite seasons, and provides such a relief after the long and hot summer months! I hope you are all settling into the new schedules of having kids in school (if you fall into this category), going back to work (for our teachers), and hopefully seeing a little more of your Lancer as the transition is almost complete! What an accomplishment for the squadron and us all!

With the transition nearing completion we have seen a huge influx of new ladies in our OSC! Welcome!! We are so happy you are here in the squadron with us! It was so great to get to meet many of you at the Wetting Down last month, as well as get to see and catch up with all of our OSC girls! What a fun night that was! We hope you will join us at our next meeting on September 10th so we can give you a proper welcome (and we promise we are much friendlier than the guys!! ha!).

What I really wanted to focus on discussing this newsletter is one of our biggest events, the OSC Auction Fundraiser being held next month. It will be a themed costume event held at The Brown's house on October 17th at 4:00 PM, and is guaranteed to be a good time!! We will be having a chili cook off, with prizes going to the best pot of chili! In order for this to be a success we are in need of your help! We are putting together a committee of individuals to help with different parts of this event, so if you are willing to help out, we will be discussing this more at our meeting on September 10th. We also need help by having you donate items or services for the auction itself. We have already started collecting items, and will be collecting them up until October 8th. These items can be brought to any OSC meeting or be brought in to the squadron and given to LT Myers (Mantis) at any point. The OSC board is also pretty spread out around Jacksonville, and we are all willing to meet up with you to pick things up as well if needed. We do ask that once you know what item(s) you plan on donating we ask that you send an email to with a description of the item, the estimated value, and a picture if possible. This way we can keep track of what is coming in and get people excited for what will be auctioned off that night! The earlier we get this information the better, so please be thinking about what item or items you would like to donate and let us know ASAP! If you are stumped on what to bring, please look below where you will find some ideas from past auctions and pictures as well! When you are trying to decide, please feel free to think outside of the box! The more variety we have the better!

The final topic I would like to touch on in this newsletter is a position we are trying to fill on our board, which is that of a Charity Liaison. A good amount of the proceeds from this auction will be going towards a charity of our choice. We ask if you have a charity you hold close to your heart, please bring the idea to the September meeting so we can vote on it and decide where the money is going. We also have hopes to work with other organizations to offer service and support, and would love someone to help us keep our focus on this goal and look for ways we can do this. There are so many wonderful causes all around us, and would love to share our time and talents and offer our support to these organizations. If this is something you would be interested in helping us with, please don't hesitate to let one of us on the board know!

I really hope this newsletter finds you all well and happy. I am really excited about the upcoming events and getting to spend more time with you wonderful ladies! Thank you all for your role in making the OSC what it is! We have a wonderful group of ladies and are adding to that group every day! I look forward to what the future holds for us all and continuing to build friendships and make memories! See you all at the September 10th meeting!


Shanna Myers

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The VP-10 OSC

The VP-10 OSC is a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote sociability, friendship, and support among officer spouses within the squadron. We hold monthly meetings and social events in which all members are invited to participate. We also participate and help with squadron wide events including command events, deployment briefs and homecomings. For more information regarding the OSC, feel free to reach out to any of our current board members.

Mark Your Calendars!!!

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September OSC Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 6:30pm

3909 E Glendale Ct

Jacksonville, FL

Join us first for "chatty/happy hour" at 6:30, with the meeting starting at 7:00 p.m. Just as the squadron is transitioning, so is your OSC! We're looking for volunteers for some newly created positions, hailing a LOT of newcomers, farewelling some as well, and planning our biggest event of the year...the SUPER FUN Service Auction! Interested in what it's all about and how the OSC can help you navigate your way through the Navy life? Join us! Kelli is providing dinner and drinks, so please come as you are to get all the details for upcoming squadron events and to see what it's all about.
RSVP For the meeting HERE

Click here for more information

Safe For Flight Beach Day!

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 11am

Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Jacksonville, FL

Join the wardroom in celebrating being Safe For Flight! This is a family friendly event! More information should be passed through your significant other as it gets closer. (THE TIME ON HERE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ONCE FINALIZED WE WILL SPREAD THE WORD!)

SpOoKtAcuLaR AuCtiOn and ChILi CoOk-OfF!

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 4pm

316 Princess Dr

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Join us for one of the best and most anticipated events of the year! We will be having a chili cook off and awarding a prize to the best pot! Please come in costume, as a prize will be awarded to the best dressed! This is a wardroom and OSC event, and is always an amazing time! Please send an email to ASAP with information about the item(s) you will be donating for the auction and click the red button below to sign up to bring food and desserts. Looking forward to this spooktacular event!
Sign Up for Food Here!

Please click here and help us fill up our sign up sheet!

More Upcoming Events!

Autism Speaks Walk

Did you know that Autism effects 1 in every 68 children? The Jacksonville Walk Now for Autism Speaks is Saturday, September 19th at the Jacksonville Landing. Registration starts at 8:30 and the walk begins at 10:00. There will be music and fun for all ages. You can visit to register, or just show up on the 19th to support a great cause and have some fun! See Cassie Cotroneo for more information if you're interested!

Cure Search Walk

As many of you know, one of our dear board members, Brooke Tijerina, works as a nurse and specializes in helping children who suffer from pediatric cancer. This month is childhood cancer awareness month, which is a wonderful because currently only 4% of government funding goes to this type of cancer. With it being so underfunded, Brooke has teamed up with her work and a non profit organization called Cure Search to try and help fund childhood cancer research. Wolfsons Children's Hospital and Nemours Clinic will be hosting a walk to raise money for this wonderful cause! Last year they were able to bring in $70,000, so how awesome would it be to top that this year!? There will be a walk on September 26th where we could create a team, walk individually, or if you can't make it you could do the virtual walk and just make a donation. This is a wonderful cause and something the entire family can participate in. Please see the flyer below for more information, and visit

Also, you may contact Brooke at 210-383-5262 with any questions.

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Looking for Auction Ideas?!

Look no further! We know how stressful it can be to try and think of the perfect thing to auction off, so we wanted to offer up some suggestions and ideas to help get your mind working! There are several different options and ideas!

  • SERVICE IDEA EXAMPLES: Any type of service or skill you can market to the crowd. Examples include: Yard work, power washing, car detailing, babysitting, and opening your home for a poker night. Offer your spouse as a designated driver one night, or have him take someone's SDO watch. Does your spouse have a prime parking spot at the hangar? Consider auctioning that off for a week or a month! There really are so many things you could do!
  • GOODS IDEA EXAMPLES: Additionally you can put together a basket of items (wine, baked good or crafts) your spouse may make or create as a hobby or a basket of Navy or P-3/P-8 paraphernalia. Other ideas include providing food for an AOM or Board, a movie themed basket, a sports themed basket (TPC Tickets, Tickets for 4 to a Suns Game or other event, etc.). Does your spouse sew, paint, build etc.? Bottom line - be creative, think outside the box, the skies the limit!

Below you will see some pictures of a few items from our past auction! There were so many wonderful and versatile items, and it was a huge success! We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Remember: Please email your idea to as soon as you have it figured out!

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Hails and Farewells


Just wanted to offer a warm welcome to all of the new Lady Lancers that have joined the OSC this past month, especially Laurel, Hilary, Chelsea and Sarah! We look forward to getting to know you and make wonderful memories! A special welcome to Katie Steele and Jenn White that we were able to Hail at our meeting last month! It was so fun getting to hear more about you and laugh with you! We look forward to doing the same with all of our newest members during our September meeting!

Fair Winds and Following Seas to Angie Jenkins!

Angie, it has been an absolute pleasure having you in the OSC! You have touched our lives in so many ways, and are such an inspiration to us all with the charity work you've done both here in Jacksonville and Guatemala. We wish you nothing but the best with your upcoming wedding and all of the other exciting things you've got going on! Thank you for serving on the OSC board and welcoming so many during your time here. You are awesome!!
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Please contact Megan Salvatore when you know the date of your last OSC event so we can give you a proper farewell!

A message from our Helping Hands Coordinators...

We would like to extend a warm welcome to VP-10 check-ins who are new to the Jacksonville area by offering them a meal to help as they settle in. In order to make this happen we are looking for people to sign up to prepare or buy a meal for our newcomers. Courtney Woodason will have a sign-up sheet at the September 10th meeting for those interested. If you cannot make it to September's meeting, please contact her at Also, if you are pregnant please send her a message with your due date so she can set you up with a gift and meal train if desired! Thanks!
Facebook Group Reminder!

Are you part of our OSC Facebook group? If not, please let us know, we would love to have you join us there! We often communicate this way and would hate for anyone to miss out on the fun!

DUES... What you need to know!

With many new faces in the squadron we wanted to take a minute to fill everyone in on all you would need to know about being a dues paying member. If you choose to pay dues you will be entitled to the following:

  • Welcome and Farewell Gift
  • Baby Gift (if this applies to you)
  • Other "Perks"... in the past this has included a limo ride during the Over-The-Hump celebration, money towards meals, tips paid for during pedicures, etc.
  • Opportunity to vote and serve in a board position

The current amount is $30 for your entire tour. If you are interested in being a dues paying member, and have not yet had the opportunity to do so, please contact Katie Brown at 813-240-3705 or anyone on the OSC board. Checks can be made payable to the VP-10 OSC and can be mailed or collected at any event.

FRG Shirts for Sale!!

The FRG currently has these ADORABLE shirts for sale for only $7! Such a good deal! They are a women's cut and SUPER soft (and run small, I'd order a size up)! Please contact Katie Linse or anyone in the FRG to get one today!
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Calling All Runners!

Whether a seasoned runner, a beginner, fast or slow, lets get together for some runs and to celebrate one another at the finish line! Here are a few upcoming events that some of us in the OSC have discussed doing! Please let us know if you are interested in joining by either or posting it to our facebook page so we can rally together and support one another!

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our poolside (kinda) luau last month! It was so fun getting to know our new ladies and we had a beautiful send off for Ellen! The food was delicious and a great time was had by all! Looking forward to more fun events in the future!
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