Black Duck

By: Angelique, Joshua, Emil


Two boys, Jeddy and Ruben went exploring and came across a dead man's body, in fancy clothes, who has been shot because of smuggling. The boys told the police but when they came back the body was gone. They met a man who lived near the beach told them that an airplane had come and got the body. Later the people who rode the airplane murdered the witness's dog. After this there have been rumours that the boys stole the mans wallet, now the men are after Ruben, and they kidnapped him, asked him questions and made him bleed, a lot. Later Billy Brady, his crew, and Marina, saved Ruben from the kidnappers. Then Billy, Marina, and Tom Morrison keep him for a very long time. However they let him ride the Black Duck, and a lot of people die including Billy. They finally let him leave, and go to his home, but Ruben doesn't tell anyone that he's been on the Black Duck.

Figurative Language

Metaphor-"...he can see that the old guy's out of gas."~ David (pg.37)

Simile-"as each vehicle was filled, it drove off into the night and another truck or van or a fancy roadster backed up to the feed line, like a silent film."~Ruben (pg.50)

Simile-"McKenzie had dark hair and serious eyes, like Marina."~Ruben (pg.25)

Simile-"I was watching him like a hawk." (pg.72)

Goofy Vocabulary

Hoof-get on with it (pg.

Skiffs- small boat (pg.71)

Stickler- a persons high expectations (pg.10)

Eluded-to flee or evade a situation (pg.53)

Gabber- talk or chatter (pg.23)

Frills- trimming (pg.24)


Ruben-He likes adventures and he is becoming a teen so he realizes that Marina is cute but it still embarrasses him to realize these kind of things.

Jeddy-He is serious, tempered and he told the police about smuggling because his dad is a police witch made Ruben angry because he thought Jeddy betrayed him.

Marina-She is strong, motherly and mature because she has taken care of the house for some years because the mother of the family died.


Protagonist: Ruben

Antagonist: New York and Boston smugglers

Setting: Newport, 1929(pg5)

Main Characters

  • Ruben
  • Jeddy
  • Marina
Rising Action: When Ruben and Jeddy find a dead body (pg.17)

Climax:When Ruben gets kidnapped (pg.179)

Falling Action:When Ruben gets saved by the black ducks crew(pg.195)


Internal conflict- When Jeddy and Ruben aren't friends anymore(pg.110)

External conflict-Ruben gets thrown in the car, hits a case of booze and bleeds(pg.191)

Predictions for the end of the book

Josh-"I thought that the Black Duck members and Tom Morrison were going to kill Ruben."

Emil-"I thought that Ruben would escape by himself, not with help."

Angelique-"I thought that the people who kidnapped Ruben were going to kill Ruben after he told them were the other half of the 50 dollar bill was."


You lose and gain friends throughout your life but you must move on and there will be lots of crazy events.