Science Fair Project ( Grass )

By : Kaylie Daniels

I have a question for YOU

What grass and soil do you thimk will grow first ? I personaly think... RYE!


What type of grass grows faster in eather Organic or non-organic soil ?


Rye 5-8 days to sprout        Fescue 10-15 days to sprout       Bramuda 15-20 days to sprout        Centapied 10-20 days to sprout


- Rye Grass        annual rye grasses are mostly growen in the  south. Pernnial rye grass is ofen mixed with blue grass for playing feilds. This type of grass needs to be watered freauently during spring and early summer. Both types of rye grass grow well on silt or clay soil they will also grow well in sandy soil if well feralized.


Fescue Grass- Tall Fescue is a heat tolerant cool season grass. Tall fescue grows best in areas that are 3,000 feet to 7,000 feet in elavation. It is best to aply fertalizer in the fall when it is cooland then lesser amounts in the spring. Fescue is a specialty grass in the desserts because of its higher water requerments.


Bramuda grass- This type of grass grows well in poor soil. The seeds heads are about 1 to 3 inches long. And spikes are 2 inches long. The seeds sprout at a given temature of a 68 degrees farinhight and it started to grow within 1 to 2 weeks. It also grows well in almose any type of soil such as clays and sands.


Centipede grass- This type of grass is a commen type of grass for home lawns. Centipede lawns come from both traditional seeding and sod frarms. While seeding lawns is perferable from April to July, laying sod goes from Febuary to November, although late spring and early fall is preferable.


Today is February 5,2014 and I just started planting my grass seeds nd watering.Started with worm water to increase soil temperature. We will water them at the same type of day 5:30 pm.The grays are set in the window seals. So they can get a good amount of sunlight. Hoping 5-8 hours a day

Day 2

I can see on both organic and regular centipede. The have both digested the seed better than any other seed.

Day 3

I can start to also see all of the other grasses have started to blend in with the organic and regular soil. :-)

Day 4

The soil is getting dryer and dryer every hour. The seeds are blending in better ( as I said before but... a little bit!!!!!

Day 5

The seeds are starting to turn different colors such as


I think because they ate geting more nutrence.

Day 6

( I did not tell you this but the grass started growing! )

They keep geting taller and taller! But now at the top they are growing side ways.

Day 7

Just because I spun the stick around in the soil and that made a cause and effect here is what I mean...

I actually spun the stick a little so now all of the seeds are spread out.

Day 8

( I told you this on day 6 )

Guess what Rye has started growing it had like 3 sprouts of grass when I went to bed. So it must of grown over night.

Day 9

Fescue has started to grow 1 sprout ! It has a thing coming off of it but still!

Day 10

So far Rye and fescue has started growing. But ... Centipede has not started to gow. I am still waiting for it to sprout.

Day 11

 Almost 5 inches Rye is the fastest growing grass in my experament. THis is in organic. Regular is tall but.. it is still losing to organic it the rye grasses.

Day 12

Limping. It grass supposed to limp? I can see that in rye in both places are limping and about 3 sprouts in organic fescue are limping.

Day 13

My hypothesis was right for fescue.  My guess was 10-15 days to sprout and it took 7 days almost wroung, but just right.

Day 14

Rye is accsactly growing towrd fescue. When i try to get them un-stuck I cant. So i am leting it grow together so i dont interfer with its growing.

Day 15

So far Rye, Fescue has started growing as you see on the chart ( in the log book ) so you can see how many of my hypthesis where right in both.