Different types of dance

and how they affect us


Ballet is the heart of all types of dance. It improves balance, technique, focus, and all of the basic that any dancer needs. A variation of ballet is pointe, where the dancer is on their toes with the support of a pointe shoe. Ballet and pointe consist of French terms and movements.
Both ballet and pointe are commonly danced to classical, soft, instrumental music and is accompanied with pretty costumes.
Ballet can make you feel relaxed and is soothing to watch.


Jazz is a major part in dancing today. They're are many types of dance including traditional jazz, street jazz, Broadway jazz, jazz funk, and many more. Traditional jazz is a cross between ballet and hip hop and the other forms off jazz spun of traditional.
Depending on what style jazz is being performed, you will either be entertained by slow relaxing, graceful movements or be up on your feet by the upbeat, sharp movements.


Tap is a type of dance where under the shoe, there are metal taps which make various noises when you step down. There are many tap companies just in Pennsylvania! Tap dances can be performed to a wide variety of songs and you will most likely want to go up on stage and dance with them!
Tap normally makes you excited because of the upbeat tone.


Lyrical is a cross between ballet and jazz and has a story to tell. With the softness of ballet and the constant flow of jazz, lyrical is a very interesting type of dance to watch. From slow, dragged out arm movements to dramatic kicks, jumps, and turns, lyrical will keep you intrigued because of the story that is trying to get across only using movements and sometimes the lyrics of the song!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is probably one of the most common performances today. It consist of isolation's, sharp movements, and flips and tricks. Break dancing is a huge part of hip hop but this style of dance isn't always performed to rap and upbeat songs. It can also be slower and more dramatic.
Hip hop can be as basic as the choreographer wants it to be, but it will still make the audience on the edge of their seat, roaring with applause and bursting with energy!