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Emaze - Sign up for free!

https://www.emaze.com: Go to the site and explore! Sign up for free and then explore some of the presentations already created. Emaze is just as "impressive" as Prezi, but much simpler to use.

How to create an Emaze presentation:

Additional Tips to Get the Most Out of EMAZE

  • You can upload a PowerPoint and convert it into a emaze presentation (it’ll preserve that content that took your boss ages to approve).
  • You can separate your presentation into sections with the button beside the +Slidebutton. This is handy for folks who are preparing for multiple speakers, but want to keep the content consolidated into a single file.
  • Don’t forget that you can embed pretty much ANYTHING!
  • To move elements, like text or images around the slide, you won’t see an arrow crosshair to indicate movement. You’ll see the pointer finger: