Hero Project

By: Nicole M


Welcome to my hero page, here you will be able to learn about my personal hero as well as my untouchable hero. For my personal hero, I chose my brother, Jake Manhoff, and for my untouchable hero, I chose Selena Gomez. Some things you will find on this page include multiple essays and an audio recording of me interviewing Jake. To go along with that, some pictures are attached as well.

My definition of a hero

When most people think of what a hero is, they will likely imagine spider-man, swinging from building to building, catching people as they fall. However, superheroes are not the only types of heroes. Weather you know it or not, there are heroes all around you. This could be anyone from your parents all the way to your neighbors. A hero is someone who inspires people, who battles every obstacle that gets in their way, and who is selfless; they put others needs before their own.

A hero is when a doctor removes a four year old girl's brain tumor, giving her a chance to live her life. Imagine going to the doctors and finding out that you have a tumor in your brain. Consider how the little girl feels, not being able to do the same things as her friends. If a doctor removes her brain tumor, it will change her life forever. She could be able to do things she's physically never been able to do before. This creates so many new opportunities for the young girl who now has so much to live for in the future. By doing this, the doctor has greatly impacted the girl's life and in her eyes is a hero.

A hero is someone who stands up for someone when they're being bullied. Picture you and your friends go to sit at the table you always sit at during lunch. After sitting down, someone who isn't as “cool” as you sits at the other end of your table. Your friends tell them not to sit there because no one wants them to be there. You don't want to disagree with your best friends and start a fight, but you feel bad for the boy at the end of the table. A hero knows that even if it means ruining your friendship, it's best to do what's right. Being a hero, you go and sit next to the victim of the bullying. Standing up for people, no matter who it is or what's happening, will always be the best thing to do. It is good to do this because it is helping someone who is having a bad day to have a good day. This would make them feel happy and have them know that someone is there to care for them. Just by going to sit with this boy, it is heroic to him because it shows him that he's not alone, that there will always be someone there for him.

As one can see, both the doctor and the witness of bullying are heroes in different ways. Anyone who helps others and puts someone else's needs above their own should be viewed as a hero. While everyone has their own hero, many people can't just become a hero right away. People work hard and always try to do what they think would be most beneficial to all. Now, think about your hero. Are there your hero because they're from your favorite show on television or because they actually help others even when they're the ones who need help. To conclude, everyone's heroes are different because people aren't all portrayed the same way it everyone.

Photos of my hero or his experiences

Click here to listen to my interview

In this interview, I asked my hero, Jake, about a few different topics. I mainly focused on the time when he got meningitis. I also talked about how he felt when my parents got divorced and we talked about college.

Click here to read my untouchable hero essay

My untouchable hero is Selena Gomez. In my essay, I talk about how she helps others, especially focusing on her work as a UNICEF ambassador. I also explain the traits that she has that make me believe that she is a hero.

Click here to read my research essay

For my research essay, I chose to write about how children are affected if they have parents who are divorced. I chose to write about this because I was interested in learning more about it, since my parents are divorced as well so I could relate.

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