Observing a School's Technology

My time at Enterprise Elementary.

Technology is Valuable

With technology, we can record progress our students have made. A teacher can demonstrate lessons to a class full of students. All students are involved and included in the lesson!

Technology is Useful

Students can study together, as small groups or individually with different technologies! It is versatile and can be individualized for each students needs.

Technology can be used to teach General and Special Education classrooms!

It's important in our daily lives.

How can teachers ensure students will focus on learning objectives? How can teachers demonstrate their learning via online publications?

Teachers can present students with a fun and new way of learning through technology!

Students are engaged and focused by the presentations, pictures and graphics presented to them.

These were the highlights of my time at Enterprise Elementary.

I learned alot. I had never seen a SMART Board! I found it to be a valuable tool that the children enjoyed using. It made the teacher's job easy too. They were able to teach various lessons on the board.

Children also enjoyed using Laptops and Ipads. They took part in individual and group study time. The technology allowed them to take paperless tests. It is also good for the environment, no paper to waste.

Q and A Time!

What types of technology were the K-12 students using throughout your field experience observation? Students were using SMART Board's, Ipads and Laptops during my observations.

Did students appear to be more or less engaged in the lesson content while using technology? I found them to be interested and extremely engaged when using technology. in fact, they seemed to calm down when given the opportunity to use technology.

What was the teacher doing while the students used the technology? He or she, depending on the classroom were walking around observing the students. The teacher would periodically stop to help a group or individual as they raised their hand for help. At times the teacher would be teaching while her students were on the floor watching her.

What pros and cons did you observe related to the use of technology in the classroom?

I found that as long as the technology was working, everything went well in the classroom. If it was temporarily having issues, a tech person would be called out. The class would have to wait while the computer issue was fixed.