Financial Aid

Macee Perry


savings is important not only to you, but to the economic growth. When you put money into a savings account the bank can lend it to a business to help expand. That expands the countries businesses. You will always be insure no matter what happened to that bank. You can also get interest in however much you put in the bank. Instead of leaving with $1,000 you can leave with more than $1,000.


Investing is also a good thing to do. When you invest in something you believe that this might make big bucks one day in the future. So you can invest in gold way back when, then you could sell it for more when the price rises. There you go! Big bucks!

Risk, Return, Liquidity

Return- How much you will get back with your original amount. The bank could have loaned your money out to some company or person. The bank just asked for that person to pay back more money. You get more money than you started with.

Risk- Chances of losing money. The higher the risk the higher chance you have of losing your money, the lower the risk the more likely to earn money or not lose any

Liquidity- The higher it is the easier to take out, The lower it is the harder it is to take out.

Tips about Savings and Investments

  • Its better to start saving earlier than later
  • Savings also helps the economy grow. When you put your savings in the bank the bank gives loans out using it and you get more money in return.


  1. Saving for college for your kids. That's a big goal, but its worth it in the end.
  2. Saving for retirement funds. Social Security, Company Retirement plans, and Personal Savings are the three things that will help you with the saving money for retirement


  • You can double your money.
  • Know what ages you can take the big risks at and/ or the lower risks


  1. Investing in gold, You could have bought it back in the day and held on to it and sold it when the price was high. That would have been a great idea! Double your money.
  2. You can take risks when your younger because you can pay it off, When your older you shouldn't unless your a billionaire, but until that day I wouldn't recommend it.